The Honeybadger Brigade Will Not Be Silenced

This is in response to the Queen’s University Phony Pheminist Anonymous from The Honeybadger Brigade:

The statement is as follows:

“Greetings, Queens University Feminists.

We are honey badgers.

A recent video purported to be the work of Anonymous sounds suspiciously like something a recently-embarrassed university professor would say. Far be it from us to determine what narrative such a group may or may not embrace. Certainly nobody besides Anonymous themselves could obtain the imagery and music used in their videos… and certainly a group so well known for advocating against government tyranny would jump at the chance to support one dedicated to increasing government intrusion into private lives. By all means, a group which has recently uploaded videos calling for defense of the homeless, 95% of whom are men, would ally itself with a group most well known for attacking and demonizing men.

We all know that Anonymous can be manipulated simply by invoking the name and associating it with your pet ideological message. Your highness has summoned them in the manner of their own personal idiom. Surely the entire legion must respond to your command… so we’re quaking in our boots, chilled to the bone from the moment —

No, we’re not.

We’re not the privileged princesses you’re used to dealing with.

We’re not the property of feminist academia.

We’re not as easily intimidated as you are embarrassed.

We are honey badgers.

Honey badgers are for human rights.

We are individuals.

We do not regret.

We will not be silenced.”

The conflict started when Adèle Mercier stood to “counter” a well-referenced speech by Janice Fiamengo with “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” as if denial could negate everything Janice had described.

Later, MRAs commented on a letter to the editor which decried the idea of men discussing men’s issues outside the controlling oversight of feminism. In response to the claim, Alison Tieman cited statistics showing male sexual victimization by female perpetrators, which have been ignored or even covered up by feminists. The examples clearly show that feminism isn’t serving men’s needs when it comes to men’s issues. Among the examples was a Bureau of Justice study on faculty victimization of youth in juvenile detention facilities found that 95% of faculty perpetrators against boys were women.

Adèle responded with blatant rape apology, and several MRAs called her out on it. That is explained in this story by Alison.

Alison made a video on the topic.

Shortly after, Professor Mercier, embarrassed that her rape apology was becoming more and more public, sent Alison a letter demanding removal of all reference to the discussion from the internet.

In other words, in response to having her attention drawn to the similarity between her own statements and those feminists decry as rape apology, instead of learning and growing, Adèle has chosen to flounce.

The 24 hours has long passed, and the videos and news article are still up. Queens university is well aware of Adèle Mercier’s comments, and they’ve done nothing. In the meantime, the Honey Badger Brigade was made aware of the “Anonymous” video yesterday evening.

Clearly this isn’t what its creators intended for it to look like. Even if one knows nothing else about Anonymous, the fact that the comments are closed gives it away. They always want discussion. While we’d still respond no matter who we thought made that video, the likelihood that either Adèle herself or one of her young feminist followers made it determined the flavor of our reply, all except for the last line.

We will not be silenced, regardless of who does not approve of what we have to say.

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