The Hero’s Journey: How Feminism Forces Men To Glorify Their Own Ordeal

The labours of Heracles are the perfect metaphor for the exploitation of men for the sake of women. He has no choice but to do what’s required of him: fight, suffer and die. He’s on an eternal quest to redeem himself for his original sin of being born out of an extramarital affair, and for his further sins, bestowed upon him by Hera. He’s a mere toy of the goddess: she pushes him to fall from grace again and again, and then prescribes tasks for him to regain his grace and please her.

Isn’t this the perfect description of how feminism treats men? The original sin is toxic masculinity, and men must fight to the death to rid themselves of their toxicity. The difference is that, in the Gospel of Feminism, there’s no potential for redemption: the labours are innumerable, and they can never be completed. Male feminists live their whole lives toiling for Hera’s glory, and yet, remain unable to truly redeem themselves.

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