The fourth International Conference on Men’s Issues will be held in Birmingham, UK, 13-15 July 2018

Note from Paul: After the rousing successes of the first three ICMIs, we push forward again with the next conference being held in Birmingham, UK. ICMI has quickly become an institution of an event for the human rights of men and boys, as well as an annual oasis for the red pill adherents of the world. The event is social, political, cultural and a hell of a lot of fun for attendees and speakers. I hope you will be able to put this on your calendar and secure your place at the event right away. By doing so you will be joining hundreds of other past and present attendees who were glad they did. I look forward to seeing you there! PE.

IMPORTANT: Please do not book travel or accommodation until we’ve officially stated (on this website) that the conference is definitely going ahead. We shall do this at the earliest opportunity, following receipts of sufficient £22.00 deposits (see below). You will be informed as soon as anyone else if you subscribe to this website’s auto-notifications.

Justice for Men & Boys is a British political party. Since our launch in 2013 we’ve been the only party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys on many fronts. In 2016 we hosted the very successful second International Conference on Men’s Issues, and we’re hosting this conference, the fourth in the series, in association with A Voice for Men.

The list of conference speakers is here. We’ll update it as new speakers are confirmed, we’re aiming for a total of 15.

We’ve booked an outstanding venue for the conference, in Birmingham, over 13-15 July, 2018.

We’re confident the conference will be the biggest, most interactive, and simply the best conference in the series to date. It will be held in St Andrew’s Stadium, the home of Birmingham City Football Club. The club’s website is here, the page on conferences and events here, the brochure on the venue’s rooms etc. here. The brochure includes information on room capacities. Mike Buchanan is your guide in a video tour (18:13) of the venue – here.

We’ve booked the venue over the three days of the conference, it consists of the following rooms:

    • Legends’ Lounge (main room for presentations)
    • Jasper Carrott Suite (breakouts, dinners)
    • International Suite (breakouts)
    • City Room (breakouts)
    • Boardroom (workshops, seminars…)
    • Boardroom Club (lunches, tea and coffee…)
    • 3 x Executive Boxes (18 seats)
    • 13 x Executive Boxes (10 seats)

Collectively these rooms can hold over 1,100 people, seated. The main room for presentations, the Legends’ Lounge, will hold 350 people, seated. Rooms will be available for hire during the conference, click on the Room hire tab for more information.

We need to be sure that a sufficient number of people plan to attend, to make the event financially viable. So we’re starting (as we did with the London conference in 2016) with a request that you make a deposit of £22.00 as soon as possible. The sum will be refunded in full if the conference doesn’t take place.

Your deposit will guarantee the availability of an Early Bird ticket, the deadline to pay the £203.00 balance will be four weeks after the announcement that the conference is definitely going to take place. After the deadline you can pay the balance of £243.00 before 24:00 GMT 14 April, during which time tickets will be priced at £265.00. We need to set an early deadline for ordering tickets because we need to ensure we have the money to pay for major outlays such as speaker flights, hotel accommodation etc.

You do not need to have made the £22.00 deposit to later order a ticket, but if you don’t:

  • you won’t be guaranteed ticket availability
  • you’ll be adding to the risk that the conference is cancelled simply because not enough people have paid the deposit to give us confidence about likely attendance numbers

You can pay your £22.00 deposit here:

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

Media representatives are invited to apply for tickets, they will only need to pay £31.50 per day, to cover the costs of lunches and light refreshments.

Ticket prices are unchanged from the London conference (2016) but this time lunch and light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits, on arrival and during morning and afternoon breaks) will be covered by the ticket price.

Feel free to suggest additional speakers to those already appearing – we’re planning to have 15 speakers – and/or suggest what you’d like to see happen at the conference. It’s your conference, and we want to make sure you have a great experience. Email Mike Buchanan ( with suggestions for speakers, activities, etc.

International Conferences on Men’s Issues – ICMIs – have been held since 2014, and all have been highly successful. The first was hosted by A Voice for Men, the second and third by J4MB and AVfM respectively, in association with others. Details on the conferences, and links to the presentation videos and other materials, can be found here:

2014 – Detroit, USA

2016 – London, England

2017 – Gold Coast, Australia

We look forward to meeting you in Birmingham, and taking the next step in the battle for the human rights of men and boys.

Please email J4MB ( if you have queries on ordering tickets, or any other conference-related matters.


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