The Feminists Rape-tilian Brain

There is usually some point in an article such as this where the author writes an entire paragraph or more about how rape is the end all and be all of horrible things that can happen to a woman. This is done to suck up to women and is the equivalent of spraying a can of air freshener before you fart. I’m tired of it. Yes rape is a bad thing. But there are many things that are a whole hell of a lot worse. Now put your emotions in a drawer and lets have a logical rational conversation.

Rape is one of feminist’s sacred cows. For decades they have dominated the discourse on rape. They ARE the authority on anything and everything having to do with sexual assault. Why? Cause they say so and because anyone with a different opinion is cast into oblivion. This fear of feminist wrath caused the sane intelligent people to keep silent as feminists tightened their grip on rape. Make no mistake, feminists love rape. They salivate over it. They fantasize about it. It’s what gets them ideologically wet. Rape is the ultimate female victimhood, which is why feminists never needed to convince society that only men rape and only women are rape victims. Feminists simply capitalized on a prejudice that was already there. If it weren’t for rape, feminism would have starved to death from lack of funding resulting from a lack of a legitimate issues to wave in the public’s face for cash and reputable social status. In order to maintain the victimhood that rape gives them, feminists have to continually up the game. Just like a performer must continue to make his shows bigger, better and more entertaining year after year after year in order to stay on top, feminists have to keep raising the bar on rape. Not only do they have to keep wowing the public with ever more spectacular tales of our culture’s rape problem, they have to fight the fact that rape has been on the decline for years. They have to keep up the con that the monster is at the gate. They have to make the monster look meaner, bigger and more deadly every time while hiding the fact that the monster is dying. It’s like a king telling his people that an invading army is at the gates when in reality the army is a small child with a slingshot who is running out of marbles. The king must maintain his power to enforce more draconian rules and policies by convincing the people that the child is actually a huge invading army. But like any other tyrant throughout history the tighter they squeeze, the more they lose control.

In the past year we have seen feminists make complete fools of themselves regarding their advocacy surrounding rape. They continue to spout false statistics like 1 in 5 women will be raped on college campuses even after countless media publications and government agencies have proven feminists wrong. They backed a University of Virginia false rape accuser without any evidence. Once Jacky’s story started falling apart, feminists doubled down and shamed anyone daring to questions her story. After Jacky’s story and credibility laid in ruins, they triple downed with “we must believe women even if we know they are lying.” Now someone close to two of the women accusing Bill Cosby of rape has come out and said that these two women are making it up. Wonder what the feminists reaction to that will be? Probably more “believe women no matter what or else!” All of this is nothing new. Feminists have been backing any woman accusing a man of rape for years. They continued to call the young men who were the victims in the Duke Lacrosse case rapists, even after they were proven innocent. Time after time after time when the accused is proven innocent, feminists continue to insist that he must be guilty simply because a woman said it. We are now at the point that feminists must fabricate rape allegations to prove that rape culture exists and to prove there is a rape epidemic on college campuses. Think I’m kidding?

Desiree Nall, student at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla. and president of the local chapter of the National Organization for Women, claimed she had been raped by two men during Sexual Assault Awareness Week. Police were suspicious of her claims because she could not keep her story straight, couldn’t provide a description of the men and a physical examination couldn’t find evidence an assault. Nall eventually recanted and was charged with making a false police report. Police suggested that Nall could have been attempting to “make a statement” about sexual assault. Her husband defended her saying she was targeted by the cops because she is a feminist.

Mindy Brickman, a student at Princeton University, falsely accused another student of rape at a “Take Back the Night” rally, in conversations with fellow students. Eventually her claims fell apart and she wrote an article in the school newspaper explaining that she never wanted anyone to get hurt by her claims but she was just trying to “raise awareness for the plight of the campus rape victims.”

Meg Lanker-Simons, a student at the University of Wyoming, posted a graphic rape threat directed at herself to on a Facebook page “UW Crushes.” A feminist rally followed and one obviously feminist school official denounced the mythical “Rape Culture.” The local police launched an investigation from which they quickly determined that Lanker-Simons had posted the message herself.

Tanya Borachi, student at the University of Florida, filed a false police report in which she said that she had been bound and gagged by a man wearing a mask and gloves. Borachi defended her false allegation by saying that she was trying to teach local women a lesson about being attacked.

Mariam Kashani, a student at George Washington University and a rape counselor for a rape crisis hotline, told the school newspaper that a girl had been raped by two men. To back up her claims she had someone, impersonating a police officer, call the newspaper. When the story fell apart Kashani said that she “had hoped the story, as reported, would highlight the problems of safety for women.”

Ok, let me get this straight. According to feminists we live in a society that condones, supports and encourages the rape of women by men (rape culture). There is a massive rape epidemic to the point that 1 in 5 women will be raped on college campuses and rape is common in our entire society. But feminists must invent rape victims to bring awareness to this problem.

Where does this come from? What makes feminists so certain that their delusions are reality despite all evidence? Is it indoctrination?

The easiest way to get a person to believe a lie is tell them a lie they want to believe. Tell a skinny woman she is fat and she will believe it. Tell a fat woman she is skinny and she won’t. Tell a feminist rape is declining along with proof and she will call you a rape apologist and a misogynist. Tell a feminist that rape is everywhere and that all men are rapists and she will nod a yes with that gleam in her eye that can only be found in the truly disturbed. This goes far beyond indoctrination. This is a symptom of mental illness. The lust for continued and all encompassing victimhood is not the desire of a rational human being of either sex. Yes, women have used a lesser form of victimhood to achieve their goals throughout history. But nothing like this. It was always “I don’t want to be a victim of that man or those men over there so please protect me.” It has never been “every women is a victim of every man all the time.” See the last one would never have worked. Women needed a man to feel loyal to her, not feel like he was hurting her by merely existing. That would have drove him away either through the belief that the only way to not victimize her would be to leave her alone or through “fuck this crazy bitch I’m out of here.” So what causes this?

We know the powers that be within the feminist movement are mentally unstable. For proof of this just read anything written by Amanda Marcotte, Julie Bindel, Ti Grace Atkinson, Jessica Valenti or any other notable feminist. From what I can only call their demented minds come the lies that the average feminist swallows. We know that the mentally insane can have a very active imagination. But what about the average feminist? What causes a female feminist to believe these lies? If it’s not just simple indoctrination but is in fact another form of mental illness, where does this mental illness come from? Are they born with it?

The old saying about misogynists holds true for feminists as well. Feminists aren’t born, they are created. The molding and shaping of a mind that turns it into something that can no longer function properly doesn’t begin in college or in school. It starts much earlier.

The whole of feminism is the sum of individual feminists. The ideas may have come from the feminist goddesses on high, but the basic tactics of feminism comes from the subconscious of the individual feminists. Feminism is not a product of higher brain function. In fact its just the opposite. Remember that feminists must continue to up their game so that society will continue to believe in the products feminism is selling? The same is true for the individual feminist. She must continue to raise the bar on her own victimhood to maintain the validity of her victimhood in the eyes of society. She needs victimhood. It’s like a drug. It’s like money. She needs the drug to ride the emotional and psychological high that victimhood gives her. She needs the currency that she gets from victimhood to get the things she needs and wants.

How does victimhood serve them as a currency?

Victimhood is the currency of the weak. Feminists women have always had others do for them. They have never had to do for themselves. They need victimhood to convince others to do for them. I’ve seen children pretend they were unable to do something in order to get an adult to do it for them. Imagine now a child who has used this strategy all her life and it worked every time. Don’t want to do a chore? Pretend you can’t. Don’t want society to hold you to the same level of accountability as an adult? Pretend you’re a victim. Feminists bum off our general sympathy and compassion for victims.

Why does victimhood give feminists a high?

The path to becoming a feminist begins early. These women started out as little girls. They learned early on that victimhood was power. Victimhood allowed her mother to claim spousal abuse without any evidence thereby giving her mother increased child support, alimony and victimhood money from the government. Not to mention the joy of being able to completely remove her from her father’s life thereby enacting daily vengeance on her father because her father got pissed at her mother for banging the mailman. Victimhood got her hugs and kisses after she came home crying because she pushed a boy off a snow bank and in retaliation he threw a snowball at her. Victimhood got her the feeling of superiority as she watched her feminist teacher scold the boys for being born oppressive males and offer words of praise for the goodness of being a poor oppressed female. Victimhood allowed her to get drunk and fuck a stranger then shift the blame for her slutty behavior on to him when her friends called her out for what she did, rather than be an adult and tell her friends to fuck off. Very early on these girls learned the thrill of being able to destroy someone’s life for any reason or no reason at all. They learned the good feeling of believing they were superior to lower life forms. They learned to love the power of being able to blame their bad behavior on someone else. These particular women have a whipping boy and get perverse pleasure from hearing him scream. They enjoy being able to behave how ever they want and being shielded from any and all accountability by their victim card. They are addicted and dependent on the power of victimhood. This is how a feminist is made. Normal women understand victimhood is not empowering. Normal women shun victimhood. Feminists do not.

This is why feminists love rape.

Rape is the ultimate victimhood. It’s the victimhood that until recently, no one dared to question. The victim card, when played, means you automatically win no matter what. Society is what gives power to the holders of the victimhood card. We are the ones that exchange victimhood for what ever the holder of the victim card wants at the time. Without our cooperation, the victim card would be worthless. But society is easily distracted, therefore feminists must continue to wave the victim card in our faces or it will loose all value. This works to favor the powers that be within the feminist movement. The powers that be have a different form of mental illness than the regular average feminist. For these feminists, female victimhood isn’t a drug or money, it’s a tool.
The average feminist has rape on the brain because they are in constant victimhood mode. This is why we are seeing feminists soar to new heights of cray cray when it comes to rape and sexual assault. They must keep the victimhood flowing at all cost. It’s no different than a junkie who continues to debase herself more and more and more just to get her next fix until she hits bottom. The problem is that these loons want to take the rest of us with them. It’s time to give them the cold turkey treatment. This means denying victimhood to women. This means society must collectively say “enough is enough – it’s time for women to grow up and be treated like adults.” Most women won’t have a problem with this. But for feminists the detox will be the stuff they couldn’t even come up with in their nightmares. It will be horrible for them as they are forced to grow up and become adults. You know what? I don’t give a damn about the pain and suffering that feminists are destined to go through as a result of coming off the victimhood drug. Let them scream. Let them wail. Let them cry.

Society simply can no longer afford to tolerate female victimhood and feminism.

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