The equality myth

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, equality means:

The right of different groups of people to have a similar social position and receive the same treatment.

My interest in discovering the actual dictionary definition of the word was piqued by a recent exchange I heard between two football commentators on Melbourne radio a week ago. The men were discussing the physical shape and conditioning of an AFL player. They were quite harsh in their observations and one of the men paused and said:

“You know we could never talk like this about female footballers in the new women’s league.”

His co-host laughed and agreed: “No way! It would never happen.”

These mature ex footballers were fully aware of the consequences any honest observations about the physical condition of a female footballer would bring. The wrath of hell would descend upon their heads and they would be branded women haters, misogynists and body shamers. Then they would most likely be suspended or sacked from their jobs.

The conversation moved on and was never referred to again.

This brief exchange encapsulated everything I have ever felt about the utter hypocrisy of feminism. The war cry of all feminists has always been their demand for equality-equal treatment. Yet this is the last thing women actually want. In fact, I have struggled to find examples of any situation where men and women receive equal treatment in our society. Men and boys are invariably drawing the short straw in any scenario one cares to examine.

I think back to my secondary school years at a boys’ catholic college. Every day we were subjected to beatings or the “cuts” from leather straps carried by the Christian Brothers and the lay teachers. It was four years of anxiety, fear and stress which certainly left its scars on my psyche for the rest of my life.

While my brothers and I endured this reign of terror my two sisters swanned their way through secondary school at a girls’ college. Not once was a finger placed upon either of them in anger. Not once did they awake in the morning with a feeling of dread and trepidation that they may be physically assaulted. Not once did they face the risk of humiliation in front of their peers that we experienced whenever we received the common but intimidating corporal punishment so frequently meted out for the most trivial misdemeanors.


It was simply because they were girls and we were boys. That’s it.

When we lied, cheated, talked at the wrong time or simply made one too many mistakes we were hit and strapped.  When the girls at Sion College lied, cheated, spoke at the wrong time or made mistakes they were reprimanded with words or a detention and nothing more.

Everyone accepted this as they way things should be. There were no outcries about this inconsistent approach to discipline. There were no demands from any girls for the same treatment that was being dished out to their brothers.

Young men only handful of years older than me were also granted the privilege of being conscripted to fight in Vietnam.

Today these same atrocious double standards apply just as much now as they did then.

When a woman punches a man in the face, she does so with the clear understanding that he will not retaliate with any force, if he retaliates at all. This can be the only reason a woman would attack a person twice their weight and strength with such abandon and ferocity. What is truly stunning is the reaction of women on the rare occasions when a man assaulted by a woman responds in exactly the same way he would if a man assaulted him.

Utter disbelief followed by stunned outrage.

Why? No-one would raise an eyebrow if a man assaulted another in a bar and the victim hit back-even if the initiator was a much smaller man. Yet such treatment delivered to a large, aggressive woman would bring a very different response. Suddenly, the notion of equal treatment becomes problematic.

I read a comment by a man some time ago about this very subject. He said that it was amusing to see that the men who truly treated women as absolute equals are the same men feminists would be quick to brand misogynists. This appears to be rather ironic but I am in no doubt about the truth of his claim. It is the men who treat women in exactly the same way they treat other men who are most often attacked by feminists.

Donald Trump is a good example. He says vulgar and uncouth things about men he doesn’t like and says the same about women he loathes. Somehow this doesn’t just make him a tactless man or a man who truly believes women are the equal of men and therefore capable of enduring a tongue lashing. No- it makes him a woman -hater. A hater of all women and a man to be reviled and vilified.

No-one has a gender based adjective to describe his attacks on other men.

When a man expects a girl to open her car door for herself or pay for her own meal and taxi fare, many women would find such behavior offensive and indicative of his contempt for women!

When women in parliament are subjected to the vitriol men have endured for decades, they screech MISOGYNY from the roof top of parliament house. The vile abuse male politicians are subjected to has never been branded misandrist. It isn’t called anything. It’s just an expected part of the rough and tumble of politics whether it be online trolling or vigorous exchanges during parliamentary debates. Yet somehow, when women are subjected to the same personal abuse it is called out as being a different and unacceptable form of behavior which comes from some deep and dark loathing of females.

Standards for entry into the army, police force and fire brigade have all been lowered to allow the influx of women so many progressive politicians desire and of course women rarely, if ever, fight on the front lines in any battle.

No equal treatment there.

We hear endless proclamations about the importance of diversity in the workplace yet the only workplaces where quotas and affirmative action are used to create a more gender balanced work environment are the select few women perceive to be desirable, well paid and safe.

If feminists’ belief in the wonders of gender parity was a strongly felt conviction why is this policy not enforced across the board, particularly in the countless dangerous and dirty jobs universally dominated by males? Why does the teaching profession remain such an overwhelmingly female occupation, particularly when the teachers of our children have such a profound influence upon their development?

Why did people laugh when the actor, Conleth Hill, who played the role of a castrated eunuch in The Game of Thrones television series, told of a recent occasion when a female fan approached him and immediately groped his genitals before saying:

“I just wanted to check to see if you had something there!” Hilarious.

Let’s see what happens to the man who gropes a female actor’s breasts to see if they are real. He would be arrested and charged with sexual assault before receiving some jail time.

Equal treatment.

I heard black female poet recite one of her poems to a leftist mob a few days ago. She lamented the deplorable fact that a black person receives a 20% longer jail term than whites for the same crime. Yet the sentencing gap between men and women who commit the same crimes is a staggering 63%!  No-one ever addresses this unequal treatment. There are no rap songs or any other kind of song to send the message that men are being ravaged by our legal system. Imagine if the legal profession finally acted upon this clear case of injustice and bigotry and demanded women receive the same jail terms as men. Feminists would be screeching about this new equality and calling it an act of oppression!

Feminists/women do not want equality and never have.

When conscription of women as well as men was mooted a few months back and its possibility began to seem more than just a silly theory, the panic in the feminist ranks was palpable. Suddenly feminists were twisting themselves into knots as they tried to explain that equality in some areas does not actually mean equal treatment!

We all know that despite all claims to the contrary, if a new Titanic was built and somehow met the same fate as the original, the expectation that men give up their lives for the female passengers would be identical to the expectations placed upon those poor gentlemen who went to their watery graves in 1912.

Equal treatment?

I became aware of one other phenomenon recently. I was struck by how often journalists referred to the shocking suicide rates of young gay boys, transgender people and indigenous people as a means of jolting the reader into seeing the terribly oppressive society these victims are forced to endure, with death often seen as the only way out. No such article has ever been written with regard to men. Men. Not an acceptable victimized tribal subset of this deplorable group, but the pure collective known as men.

Devout Christian and champion Rugby League player in Australia, Israel Folou, was recently sacked from the National team for a tweet saying gays will go to hell. One journalist, attempting to explain why this was the only possible outcome, wrote about the suicide rate of gay teenagers.

“At face value it seems strange that Folau can be axed for quoting the Bible, yet the likes of James Slipper and Karmichael Hunt power-on after drug issues. It sounds odd until we dig deeper to statistics that reveal youth suicide among gay teenagers is four times higher than the straight population. The damage of Folau’s stance should not be underestimated.”

While we can sympathise with the suicide of gay men, has even one mainstream journalist ever written about the horrific suicide rates of men and boys? Have they urgently called for an end to the daily denigration of males in our mainstream media and education system as one way to lessen the sense of hopelessness and shame so many young and older men feel?


Equal treatment.

We read a torrent of words focusing on every perceived injustice or hurt endured by women every day. Yet literal life and death matters which are tearing our male population apart are ignored.

It is quite astonishing to realize that when all of the ranting rhetoric of feminists is silenced and we simply examine the facts, it is abundantly clear that equality has never for one moment been an outcome feminists seek and never will be.

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