The Earth Is Moving For Me

The Earth Is Moving For Me In Public

This article developed from a comment I nearly wrote to this piece by Emma Clarke Gratton. Inspired by motherly concern for her sons, she unwittingly begins the painful process of choking down a big red one. Naïvely clinging to her cliffs of feminist prejudice, she imagines Paul Elam has nothing good to say because, shock, horror, he dared criticise women.

Is she really a concerned mother? Does she truly love her sons? Or is she simply scared by the thought of what she well knows gynocentrism is going to do to them? Is she fearful of the pain their selfish suicide will cause her?

Am I, the nasty MRA, being too hard on a mother? Or do I bloody well know better how a woman’s mind works?

This is the raw naked power of the alternate narrative, the magic spell of the story being woven by MRAs. Everyone now must choose which story to believe.

Wow! This is it right here, the ground shifting under our feet. Feminists in the process of choking down a big fat red one, in the public square! She wants to hurt men for their masculinity but knows that will hurt her sons and therefore herself. And yet, she is not quite able to come to grips with the original human narrative that we are really the same. That we are one. Men and women are people.

Still regurgitating the feminist party lies that TRP is MRA funded, it is not, and that the kick starter contributors had any editorial control what so ever. It’s a matter of historical record the free speech advocates got that kick starter over the line when MRAs had little commitment to it.

She wants to join the ethical conversation but can’t throw out the gynocentric lies in order to put ethics, and her sons, before gender. Being a victim is still too cosy a place which puts her feelz ahead of her children.

“Technically this is not censorship – Palace is entitled to rent their cinemas to whomever they like and to make a commercial decision that they don’t wish to upset many patrons is valid”

The gymnastics required to ignore the censorious feminists brigading the Palace to force the decision to deplatform, with the same lies Emma uses, is impressive.

Score; 0.01

Here is some more.

“I don’t agree with the way that men’s rights groups use concerns over male mental health as an excuse for their anti-women agenda. “

Immediately followed by;

“Certainly male mental health is a huge concern in this country. I have two young sons, and the stats on male suicide are terrifying: men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide. The suicide rate is the highest it has been in ten years, with one person ending their life every three hours. Suicide causes more deaths than breast cancer, skin cancer and road accidents: all causes which receive huge amount of funding and awareness campaigns.”

Take heart dearie, that when a mothers son suicides, he isn’t mourned by many. If at all.

Most people can only grieve the mothers pain, and will register his death as an act of selfishness.

“If only he knew what pain he would cause his mother, he wouldn’t have been so selfish.”

Compassion for men isn’t allowed in our culture, no matter that his pain was powerful enough for him to take his own life, it just doesn’t count for as much as a womans broken nail.

MRA anger at this soulless value system not to mention gynocentrism’s determination to enforce an utter fascist silence on the subject, is what you refer to as ‘anti-woman.’

Given you are protesting the silencing of the film, you aren’t about to deny that feminism is silencing the male conversation are you? After all, we are discussing the feminist silencing of a documentary that discusses the feminist silencing of the male conversation.

Yes Emma, we are angry with women shutting down the conversation on the preventable deaths of 40 some men per week in Australia.
2000+ men per year.

Some 20,000 odd per decade. A vicious meat grinder with no off switch.

And you want to complain that it’s Aussie male machismo that doesn’t want to talk about it.

You’re too stupid to tell just how stupid that position is aren’t you?

We don’t hate these stupid conniving bitches for what’s between their legs, but because they are stupid and conniving.

But who cares? Right? These boys, your sons, they aren’t women are they? And it’s not technically censorship is it?

Or is that just some more stupid connivance?

You bitch.

Now sit up straight, face the front, stop swishing and pay attention.

I DID NOT just hate on you. This is NOT woman hating.

I called you out. I held you accountable for your behaviour as a responsible adult, a big strong independent woman like the ones I’m supposed to be scared of.
Let me tell you just how close you are to TRP by telling you something about the stereotypical masculine Aussie bloke – dry-eyed and unemotional.

He is the man you have been shaming for millennia to serve your needs, to be disposable in that service, to put women and children first in all cases.

Even when it hurts.

Even when it will cost him his life.

You have always demanded he stand the slippery sloping deck and the burning building while you went to safety first. You demand he doesn’t cry but go to his death proudly, like a ‘real man,’ with nary a tear for his painful fate.

He is the man you gave white feathers to in times of war. And now you demand he recite the ‘white ribbon pledge’ to never hurt a woman. While you engineer and then ignore his pain, followed by blame and shame for his pain tolerance.

And when he wants to discuss his plight, your feminism silences him. Every damn time. Yet, you remain, proudly, a feminist. And mother to the very same boys this insanity will destroy.

His masculinity has never been for his health.

Only yours.

He is your son.

Sophie’s Choice in the real world is this.

Does she burn and brand her own child as a rapist misogynist pig?

Or does she put to the sword her selfish grasping gynocentric self for the truth and become the mother she should?

That would be a woman willing to share the sacrifices of parenthood as a full partner with the father of her children, for the genuine benefit of those children.

Truth is, equality is a step down for many women. Too bad. So sad. Tough luck.

MRAs, here to stay.

We’re here, we love beer, get used to it.

True equality will only happen when women get down from their pedestal and men from their white horse.

Keep swallowing Emma, I know TRP hurts and is a bitter pill. Salty.

It’s a long hard job gagging it down and it doesn’t come back up.

You are about to truly see your sons for the first time. You are about to see the world through male eyes. It will be OK though, they are beautiful.

That scary feeling you will be confused by, that’s ordinary compassion.

Thing is, you’ve never had it for men before.

It’s OK to cry.

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