The difficulty of defending military members accused of sexual misconduct

AVFM Contributor Michael Conzachi further enlightens us to the difficulty of defending military members accused of sexual assault.

Army Judge Advocate Major Mason S. Weiss authors a brutally honest paper on the extreme difficulty that military members have who face false allegations of sexual misconduct.

His draft paper that can be found here will most likely NOT be published in the next edition of the Army Lawyer Magazine.

In his draft, Major Weiss; an Army military justice instructor at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, accurately depicts the frustration and extreme difficulty of defending service members against false allegations of sexual assault.

Major Weiss describes a hypothetical case of a soldier falsely accused of sexual assault, who comes to the realization that it truly is the UNITED STATES versus him. Read how there is a small army of advocates and prosecutors assigned to the alleged victim and prosecution, and virtually nothing and no one to the accused.

Since 2008, Congress; along with the sexual assault grievance industry, led by the likes of Senators Kristen Gillibrand, Claire McCaskill, and a handful of others, has chipped away; piece by piece, to virtually eliminate the constitutional protections and due process rights of service members accused of sexual misconduct. And have exponentially expanded what is considered sexual misconduct.

In addition to the expansion of definitions and the decimation of constitutional protections, post-conviction remedies are being eliminated.

In any military conviction involving sex offenses, it is a virtual certainty that clemency petitions following conviction will be denied. Plainly said; there is virtually no military commander on the planet who will risk his or her career, granting clemency in any sexual assault case, post-conviction.

A leader who grants a clemency petition will automatically result in the referral to the Judge Advocate Command and Secretary of that Branch. Many commanders display bravery on the battlefield, but just one clemency petition approved may end his or her career and draw the delusional wrath of the Gillibrand’s, McCaskill’s and the usual array of hysterics.

It is highly unlikely that his article draft will be published in any forum as it defies the politically correct narrative of the mythical and non-existent sexual assault epidemic in the U.S. Military.

Major Weiss should be commended for his honest commentary and his article should be read in its entirety by every member of the Senate and House Armed Services Committee, but it won’t.

With the vast array of published articles on AVFM and other sites of the draconian sexual assault witch hunt mentality of the U.S. military, it is explicitly clear that the United States Military is now the most dangerous and hostile work environment for males. Never in the history of this great nation have the genders been pitted against one another as they have for the past 7+ years.

Never in the history of this great nation, the vast overwhelming majority of military leaders, commanders, and political office holders have been cowed and browbeaten into submission by the hysterics of the sexual assault grievance industry.

The blowback of the sexual assault grievance industry and the opening of combat jobs to women has already had an effect on retention and recruitment, especially in the combat arms arenas. Many military males are now refusing to be in any position with military females that would risk being falsely accused. Some females who are not of the falsely accusing type are already complaining about being unable to do their jobs, simply because males are refusing to be in the same room or situation with them alone or without protection against false accusations.

Regardless of what one’s opinion is on serving in the military; many in the country see it as a noble and honorable profession, and it is.

Unless the pendulum, that has swung, almost into oblivion in the depths of lunacy and constitutional obliteration, I would not recommend military service to any male any longer.

Until political leaders such as Gillibrand, McCaskill, Ayotte and others can be voted out of office and politicians of both parties who serve on the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, realize that service members vote, and have families and friends that vote. And understand that this path is decimating the military, will they finally wake up and smell what is being shoveled.

There will most likely be some comments to this post, and as long as they follow the comments policy of AVFM, they are most welcome. I would ask that those who comment, or those who will read this post also contact their elected representatives and voice their concerns.

In the past 7+ years, the sexual assault hysteria cottage industry, the social experimentation, the soon to be forcing of women in combat roles, the radical and hostile elimination of Christian religious preferences, and the Veteran’s Assistance Administration scandals are destroying the military from within.

It is hoped that there is an administration change in November if there is any hope of bringing a sense of sanity, normalcy, and fairness back into this process. Even then, it may take years to undo the damage.

It’s no longer just a sexual assault witch hunt problem; it’s a national security issue.



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