Thank you AVFM subscribers!

Just a quick note to readers.

Today I purchased my plane ticket for ICMI’16 in London this July. I was able to do that because of the deeply appreciated support of AVFM readers. The trip would not have been possible without you.

As I look ahead to the conference and think about this incredible, international kaleidoscope of thought leadership in men’s issues, I just wanted to say thank you.

AVFM has not paid a dime in personal revenue to anyone since February of last year. Without subscribers to help pay operational costs, we don’t go to this crucial event — we don’t even publish counter-theory. You have kept us afloat.

Thank you again for supporting us with a subscription and to those who support us in the future (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, the buttons are top right).

Oh yeah, there is room for you. Get your tickets here.


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