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The Red Pill, a documentary by filmmaker Cassie Jaye, will open in both New York and LA in October and I need your help to attend and document these events. CLICK HERE To Donate Using PayPal

Please watch the above appeal for funds in which I explain this campaign. In the past I have used FundAnything for these campaigns but it seems that the site will be down indefinitely. I will get a Go Fund Me site going shortly, but the NYC premiere is in two weeks so please help get this started. The Premieres are:

New York City     Sunday October 9, 2016
Los Angeles        Friday October 14, 2016

CLICK HERE To Donate Using PayPal

Here is the rest of the text from from video above:

My purpose is not only to see, but to capture the public response to The Red Pill and to interview the film’s subjects like Warren Farrell, Paul Elam, Harry Crouch, and Richard Cassalata, as well as director Cassie Jay and many others.

As an aside, although I don’t know how much has been included, I have provided quite a lot of my footage to the film’s director Cassie Jay, so of course I am very interested in seeing how it turns out.

I have been documenting the rise of the Men’s Rights movement since filming the Warren Farrell protest in Toronto in 2012, and the release of  The Red Pill may be a significant milestone in this movement, so I think it’s very important to capture the public response to film, including any protests.

I’d also like to announce at this time that about a year ago I started working on a biographical film with the working title “Who Is Paul Elam?” This will be the first, and possibly only, in-depth exploration of how Paul Elam became one of the leading and most controversial figures in the men’s rights movement. I can say right now that it is a fascinating story that most of you will want to see. Though you might think you know Paul, I guarantee you don’t know the whole story. I think that footage of Paul’s attendance and his immediate response to the release of The Red Pill is important to my film, “Who Is Paul Elam?”

Interviewing Cassie Jay is also important given that the film community reacted very negatively to her as soon as they learned that The Red Pill would cast the men’s movement in a positive light. Cassie reports that she changed and grew quite a lot while making The Red Pill … and even more so after she wrapped the film. Your donation can help me bring more of this story to you when I interview her in LA, and I’d be happy to entertain any questions that supporters might have for Cassie.

If you have enjoyed the content on Studio Brulé, like the Warren Farrell protest, The Fiamengo File, Institutions of Higher Indoctrination, The Persecution at KSU, the Interviews at the International Conference on Men’s Issues in both Detroit 2014 and London England 2016, and so much more, please donate to help me attend and document the world premieres of The Red Pill, which many are saying will be a game changer for the men’s rights movement.

CLICK HERE To Donate Using PayPal

Goal       =     $3500
Donated =   $1995

Please Note: Any funds in excess of the cost of attending and documenting the premieres will be used in to support the productions at Studio Brulé.

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