Some MRAs are the enemy of boys and men

As may be evident from the text, I felt the need to post this to my personal Facebook page and to the AVFM Facebook page. It seems reasonable to post it here, too.


“I agree with you about everything else except this issue.” I see that a lot when it comes to the topic of sexually mutilating infant boys, euphemistically known as ‘circumcision.’ And I want to say that I get it. We live in a culture that accepts the sexual mutilation of boys as normal, even healthy, although the science and history on the subject proves overwhelmingly that it is neither.

The normalizing of this barbaric practice, that removes an important organ and thousands upon thousands of erogenous nerve endings, results in a culture with tens of millions of men who are forced to rationalize and normalize what happened to them. And tens of millions of women who rationalize what they are doing to their innocent, defenseless sons. It enables an industry that makes billions off the practice and even allows us to accept a women’s cosmetic industry that uses the tissue of sexually mutilated boys in the name of vanity.

All of this creates a divide between those in denial, those who choose aggressive ignorance of the subject, and those who have broken through the false, heartless denial that allows them to introduce infant boys to life at the edge of a blade.

The divide is most prominent in the men’s rights community, where many so-called activists for boys and men ironically still rationalize mutilating them at birth. I see these people speak up every time a make a post on MGM, saying things like, “I agree with you about everything else except this issue.”

And to that I have to say, every time: Sorry. Not good enough and never will be.

Everyone, of course, is free to advocate as they see fit. We see feminists in the mainstream all the time pushing agendas that harm women and children. That kind of ironic hypocrisy isn’t new and won’t go away.

I can say though, here on my personal page, and through the activism I promote, that if you support MGM, you are not welcome here. Please go away. Unfriend me. Don’t donate or contribute. And please stay away from anything I do. I don’t need help or participation from advocates who claim to support men and boys, but who are so riddled with denial, and so lack compassion, that they would not give those men and boys a choice about whether they are sexually mutilated.

I hope some day the lot of you wake up to the ugliness of your beliefs, but until you do, please take your sick, ignorant narrative elsewhere.

Additional note from a Facebook friend:

“The international community of physicians from Canada, Europe and Australia has publicly condemned the American Academy of Pediatrics for claiming so called “benefits” to forced genital cutting of children. No national medical organization in the world recommends it. None.”

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