Some girls are just hot for teacher

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

― George Carlin


The above quote was the first thing that came to my mind as a read the comments to a recent Daily Mail article “Teacher, 30, faces decades in prison after pleading guilty to 37 charges for having sex with three students and getting pregnant by one.”

The anecdotal conclusions one could draw on them is a cause for despair. Based on that we must assume that the average human being, indeed the majority are too stupid to do anything but lead humanity to a brick wall.

Take a look at these 5 comments, which seem to be the only 5 to pass muster with the mods, paying special attention to the first and last comments and their respective number of up votes and down votes.


Carlin was far too generous.

As someone with a bad case of Role Reversal Repetition Burnout, I am going to use my entire month’s allotment of pointing out the obvious. If the roles were reversed we would have a very different reaction to pointing out with a nudge and a wink that underage female sexual “abuse” victims are just hot for teacher; that they liked it.

Try that one at a PTA meeting.

We can up the outrage factor by pointing out that a fair number of underage female victims become willing accomplices in their own abuse. I have had female victims of sexual abuse, including incest, report that it made them feel special, that they enjoyed it, found a sense of power in it, and yes, had orgasms as a result of the sex, which they would begin initiating either for profit or sexual satisfaction or both. Just ‘lil sluts, right? Awesome! Wrong.

Most people are capable of understanding that this is just an artifact of the abuse perpetrated by the adult; that the girls are simply responding to egregious circumstances they should never have had to face in the first place. Most people who can actually think, which appears to not be most people, can also figure out that there is something more complicated to the sexual abuse of a boy than high fives in the locker room and punch lines from morons on the interwebz.

This is why AVFM promotes anti-gynocentric counterculture rather than pretending we can have a direct legislative or even moral impact on a society so impaired that people openly support the sexual abuse of boys, even laughing at the problem. A society that turns into a frothing lynch mob the moment the same thing happens to a girl.

Even in the depths of George Carlin’s deeply cynical worldview, you could not imagine a society as stupid as the one we live in.

So, we do what we always do here, even if we have to grimace while doing it at times. We try to reach people who aren’t morons and give them something to think about which they may not have considered, like reality.

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