Shivers is free but Perrette is on the prowl

After serving 4 ½ months of a 9-month sentence for violating a restraining order, Francis “Coyote” Shivers is out of jail.

His freedom does not appear to sit well with his ex-wife, NCIS star Pauley Perrette, who by all appearances looks to be inserting herself into the thick of his work and social life despite a restraining order that she has maintained for years.

AVFM regulars will be familiar with the Shivers’s story from the lengthy coverage it has received here. The short version, according to our investigations, goes as follows.

Shivers and NCIS star Pauley Perrette went through a conflicted marriage and an acrimonious divorce. Discovery in the divorce proves that Perrette gave contradictory testimony and testimony that was largely inconsistent with the facts in evidence.

There was also the matter of a script that Perrette wrote about a family court savvy psychopath who used the restraining order system as an instrument of revenge and personal terror. Shivers alleges that Perrette threatened upon their breakup that the script, “Star Crazy,” painted a picture of what would be happening to him if he resisted her will in the divorce.

Shivers did, in fact, stand his ground and fight back. He was later jailed for walking into a restaurant where he was a long-time patron — but where Perrette had already arrived.[4]

Now that Shivers is out of jail, he is back to work as a DJ in the Los Angeles area. He works most frequently in an area known locally as the “Cahuenga Strip.” Shivers is a local celebrity in the area. Through both his work and his after-work socializing he has been referred to by locals as “The Mayor.”

And this is precisely the area that Perrette has chosen to insert her own social activities. Perrette showed up at an establishment, “St. Felix” last Friday night with a group of friends. A source informs AVFM that had Shivers not received an impromptu movie invitation that, “he very predictably would have walked into St Felix” that night.

Perrette, second from right at St. Felix, 01/27/2015
Perrette, second from right at St. Felix, 01/27/2015

St. Felix is located across the street from where Shivers does a great deal of his work as a DJ.

Regulars on The Strip appear to be aware of the ongoing drama, with another source stating, “Everybody knows what is going on. If she wanted to avoid Mr. Shivers, this is the last place on earth she’d show up. It’s just so obvious she can’t just move on and accept he’s happily remarried.”

When contacted, Shivers declined to comment, stating only, “I see no reason to comment. The facts speak for themselves.”

There will undoubtedly be more to this story in the future. Perrette appears obsessed with punishing Shivers, as well as constitutionally incapable of ending her crusade to ruin his life. Shivers has been out less than a week and she is already showing up where he will inevitably cross her path, thus violating the restraining order that put him behind bars to begin with.

Either that or she just has the horrible luck to stumble repeatedly into her “abusive” ex-husband, a man who allegedly represents a threat to her.

Los Angeles is 503 square miles.

What are the odds, eh?

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