Science and censorship

PLOS ONE censors a referee who defended science from feminist ideology.


“The distortions of the truth by the radical feminists of our time will, someday, be seen as having been the greatest intellectual crime of the second half of the 20th century. Meanwhile, we still live under the aegis of that crime and to call attention to it is an act of great moral courage.”

Professor Howard S Schwartz, Oakland University, Michigan


Feminists supported their gender ideology and business with lies and scientific fraud: feminists painted men as authors of domestic violence in order to support false accusations; feminists want you to believe that women are discriminated in all possible ways etc etc etc

At the end, the scientific community is starting to appreciate that truth differs from feminist ideology: the world experts in the field of domestic violence claim that it is equally perpetrated by men and women and described in scientific publications the methods used by feminist to “conceal and distort evidence”; research performed with scientific methods “reveal 2:1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track”, etc.

Recently, a referee was under attack for having pointed out faults in a publication that wanted to conclude that gender bias in academia is against women. The referee discusses how the fact that men achieve better results can be explained in alternative ways: men work more and in a more competitive way, women prefer to focus more on personal life… “such a small difference of average effort could easily be due to marginal gender differences of physiology and health”. Nothing new: 20 years ago Warren Farrell described these factors in the book “The myth of male power”.

The referee was attacked for having suggested the involvement of “one or two male biologists” in the research, “in order to serve as a possible check against interpretations that may sometimes be drifting too far away from empirical evidence into ideologically biased assumptions”.

Clearly, the referee was trying to suggest that the authors of the rejected paper (Fiona Ingleby et al.) were too much driven by feminist ideology, and that a study on gender inequality is better performed by involving both men and women.

What a crime!

Ms. Fiona Ingleby played the victim card attacking the referee on Twitter, raising a media storm.

The standard shame tactic of Social Justice Warriors got the head of the referee: Damian Patterson of PLOS ONE announced that “We have formally removed the review from the record, and have sent the manuscript out to a new editor for re-review. We have also asked the Academic Editor who handled the manuscript to step down from the Editorial Board and we have removed the referee from our reviewer database”.

This behaviour is questionable, both morally (PLOS ONE is ready to dispose of people who offer unpaid voluntary scientific advice in order to avoid trouble with feminists?) and scientifically (PLOS ONE abandons scientific integrity for political correctness?).

Hopefully the Editorial Body of PLOS ONE will wipe the shit from their underwear and follow the example of Nobel prize Richard Feynman who, when attacked by feminists, had the courage to stand up and give the right answer: “Don’t bug me, man!”.

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