Say Goodbye to Crazy now in paperback at Amazon for the holidays


Since the release of Say Goodbye to Crazy, there have been regular requests for the book to be available in paperback. Santa Claus has heard those requests and answered just in time for holiday shopping.

This year you can curl up by the fire in your newly quiet and Crazyless home, sip some eggnog and read through the pages with a smile on your face.

Here’s what people who’ve read Say Goodbye to Crazy have to say:

Jared Sanchez writes, “Yes it happens to some awesome guys...This book is written primarily for the new partner of a guy out of an abusive relationship. Ignore those references, and still read this even if you haven’t left crazy.. I moved out and this gave me a definitive direction to go…This isn’t a magic fix or a total win. But when you’ve hit bottom there’s nowhere to go but up and forward. The concepts are a bit brutal. And you really have to redefine what a win is…Supplement this book with a professional counselor or some sort of support system. The book goes over questions to ask your prospective therapist. Or talk to someone you trust…I would recommend this book and share it with family members and friends. It’s a very valuable tool.”

Liam Hood writes, Highly recommended. This book saved my sanity, not to mention my new relationship. Dealing with Crazy in a more strategic way per suggestions in this book are (mostly) working like a charm. We finally said “NO” to Crazy!! Big thank you to the authors.”

JB1975 writes, Helpful, well-written advice from two people that get it. Excellent book from two people that I admire greatly. Dr. T and Paul provide practical, real-world advice for anyone who has a Crazy in their lives and wants to be proactive in getting rid of them and keeping them gone. It is so refreshing and helpful to read both this book and follow their site and know that there are at least two people out there who do not buy into modern day society’s narrative that you have to put up with someone’s emotional abuse because of _________________________ (insert Crazy’s excuse of the day here). While this book is written for wives dealing with their husband’s ex-wives, anyone who has (or has had) someone like this in their lives will benefit from reading it.”

SGTC_Read SGTC (1)Johnny Galt writes, Life changing for those caught up in the drama. Unless you have had this type of crazy person described in this book in your life you can’t really appreciate the magnitude of their abuse. This book gives real clear practical advice dealing with these people. Let’s you know what you’re up against with these type of people, the bias of the courts, and the bias of the psychology profession and gives a blueprint of how best to make your way through to the other side to sanity. I wish I had this book years ago. People who follow the advice of this book will save themselves years of anguish”

Scharnhorst writes, It’s easy to read and understand…The book can help you break or weaken the connections that keep you attached to “Crazy.” The book is well organized, crisp, and sardonic. It’s easy to read and understand. The authors convey an intimate level of knowledge of the subject. The “Takeaways” at the end of each chapter are great!”

Pamela Stogner writes, Excellent and applicable information. Hope is restored after reading this book! I recommend it for anyone who has a Crazy in your life and you want to say goodbye to Crazy!”

Renee writes, Great advice and tactics for real situations.Great advice and tactics for real situations. I’ve read many books about personality disorders trying to figure out how to best handle a crazy ex – this is succinct, relevant and you can put the scenarios into action just as soon as you read them.”

Tim Hewston writes, Life saving. This book is not written for me, it is written for my second wife on how to survive my ex-wife, Crazy. However, I am the one reading it, as my second wife, a social worker of over 20 years, is even more hardline than Dr. Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam. After six months of watching me trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement and continue my relationship with my children, she simply told my ex-wife, ‘You will never talk with Tim again and never email him. This stops!’ Dr. T and Paul Elam’s advice is exceptional and everybody who is involved with Crazy, or has ever been involved with Crazy, should listen to it, then follow it…”

Amazon customer writes, Best investment for yourself and you will not be disappointment. Being the 2nd wife, this was spot on in my situation. It helped me to really understand how to deal with this hard topic. Thank you for giving me clarity in knowing it’s not just me and crazy is CRAZY, period. I’m taking a leap off the crazy train knowing its the right and only thing to do. Thank you for giving this topic light. If you are a 2nd wife dealing with these problems—buy the book. Best investment for yourself and you will not be disappointment. I would give it 10 stars if I could!”

Lou writes, I highly recommend it! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insight, Dr. Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam! My husband and I have had enough of Crazy in our lives. This book portrays the reality and it is the best tool a couple can have in order to find support and valuable information about Crazy. It provides an excellent account of the manipulative tactics Crazy uses in order to get away with her craziness. This is the only book on the topic that really validated my (and my husband’s) experience. It gave us straight to the point advice on how to deal with (and ultimately get rid of) a Crazy and evil ex wife. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a Crazy in their lives. Additionally, I recommend it to lawyers and therapists. It’s a must read! I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Tara and Paul Elam!”

Cheri Laughrey writes, AMAZING BOOK. One of the best books I have ever read. I recommend this book to anyone that has an imposing ex spouse in their life! AMAZING!!!”

These are just some of the 5-star reviews Say Goodbye to Crazy has received thus far and counting.

Make saying goodbye to Crazy your New Year’s resolution and get started working on it now!

Say Goodbye to Crazy now available in paperback on Buy it HERE.

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