Sage Gerard named new COO for AVfM Education, LLC

It is with great pleasure that I get to announce a promotion from within AVFM that will actually constitute part of the new foundation for our future, as well as for the future of the MHRM.

Sage Gerard, founder of Zen Men and the Director of Collegiate Activism for A Voice for men has an incredibly impressive track record of making things happen and doing so against formidable odds.

Despite vicious attacks from the faculty of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department he successfully hosted the Male Students in Peril Conference at Kennesaw State University. He was not deterred by the filing of false police reports, false allegations of representing a threat to female students and multiple attempts to paint him as a misogynist with harmful intent.

Indeed, during this campaign of university sponsored harassment, Sage started programs to feed and clothe the homeless and do outreach to students in trouble.

During AVFM events in the past, Sage was present and working, always willing to help wherever it was needed, and he continues to do so today being appointed as the new Chief Operations Officer for AVfM Education, LLC.

As I explained earlier to management staff, this is not a façade position. Sage now begins the arduous task of revolving through all AVFM departments, including editing, forums, server management, business operations, AVFM Radio, the Neonatal Cutting Project, comment moderation and the final task, managing a group of brilliant, tenacious people who won’t be managed by anyone they don’t respect and trust.

We are putting Sage through this gauntlet because he is not just taking a position with letters after his name on a letterhead. He is going to learn how to manage and grow AVFM because he is an integral part of the future of this website and of the modern men’s movement.

I have asked all AVFM staff as I ask you now, our faithful readers and supporters, to help Sage move through this tough process knowing he is supported.

It is time for us to bring more youth into the leadership of this operation. The process of accomplishing that will be slow and difficult but we know that Sage is up to the job.

I am looking forward to the day when Sage’s vision becomes the driving force of AVFM. Just as I expect his freshness and intelligent youth will help us reach into a younger, more robust audience. It is time for the young men we serve to start manning the helm.

We are quite some time from that happening but the process officially begins today.

Please join me in welcoming in Sage Gerard, COO of AVfM Education, LLC — one of the future leaders of this movement.

As a part of this announcement I need to point out that a new director of Zen Men will be needed. Sage can’t long take on the new responsibilities here and do justice to that position. So, any of you college students who want to roll up your sleeves and carry on Sage’s fine work there, please let us know.

It is a good day to be an MHRA. Personally, I think we are lucky to have Sage step up to the plate for this role.

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