RussianDeadPool has a hissy fit over accurate analogy…

Brian Martinez at HoneyBadgerRadio interviewed TheSkeptic Feminist crew, in an overall laid back conversation. Of course, Brian is no journalist, but he certainly armed himself with super-padded spongy kid gloves for the occasion. Now, you can watch the whole interchange here but I’m gonna focus mainly on one issue.

However, before that, I’m gonna throw a cheap potshot. RussianDeadPool says his grandmother was a war hero, I won’t argue this – even though he didn’t provide a name for verification – because in times of major wars, Communist Russian had no bones about conscripting women to combat roles (Regiment 588 being one of them). However, everyone in the discussion had agreed that Russia had very stringent gender roles. RDP then said, “once they were done with her, they sent her back to the kitchen.” He then followed it up, practically in the same breath, “she worked in a factory, lifting heavy beams; so I don’t believe gender roles…” OMFG, I honestly don’t know how to respond to this contradictory disconnect. Was it Russia or not? Was it societal or not? Make up your mind RDP.

So… the real topic at hand.

Brian made a reference to Feminism’s unquestionable societal status being on par with the Catholicism. At this point, RDP lost his shit. How DARE Brian compare Feminism to an institutional group of child rapists; how dare he???!!!

Yeah, how dare he.

You know, at least the Catholic institution attempts to ignore the problem of having rapists among their leadership. The Feminist institution however, is persistent in it’s attempt to change laws so as to accommodate rapists but only if said rapists are vagina owners.

Mary Koss – changed the definition of rape, so that only men could be rapists, and only women could be victims. IF perchance a man was raped, it is only because a MAN raped him; and of course, he just needs to ‘man up” and “get over it.”

Eve Ensler – writes about a lesbian encounter, acknowledging the possibility of a female rapist, but says, “if it was rape, it was a good rape.”

Adele Mercier – argues that boys in juvenile halls can’t be raped by their female guards, but rather, are having consensual sexual relations.

Due to the prevalence of female rapists whose victims are underage, Feminists are pushing to change the definition of Statutory Rape, to accommodate these vagina owning pedophiles. And the media rarely presents female rapists for what they are, choosing instead to present them as affairs, illicit romances, “age knows no bounds in love.”

If you want a discussion on the definition of Statutory Rape, I am willing to entertain the notion; but ONLY… if the changes affect both genders in the same manner, that is, “equal in the eyes of the law.” To do otherwise, is unjust, and feeds into discrimination.

Can the institution of Feminism be compared to Catholicism?

You’re damned right it can. Not only does it ignore it’s own rapists, it enables them, accommodates them, changes laws for them; and then turns around and changes the definition of rape to make any interaction between a man and a woman into rape, and actively obliterates due-process for the accused men. Have you not heard about stare rape, or catcalling? Feminism doesn’t even care about actual rape victims (even when those victims – of men – are female); Feminism, just wants to own the dialogue on it.

I dare you, RussianDeadPool, to take the following list to the leading feminist branch of your choice, and investigate what they are doing about it.

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