@RS Benedict of LGBT publication @unicornbooty caught lying

SPLC Hate Watch has picked up an article from Unicorn Booty proclaiming “men’s rights activists (MRAs) seek an alliance with the white supremacist movement,” and using it to justify attacking MRAs. The author picks something from Davis Aurini and uses it to attack the entirety of the manosphere:

Disclaimer: I will not distinguish between the different flavors of men’s rights activist (MRA): pick-up artists (PUAs), Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOWs), Red Pillers, etc. Saying, “That guy’s not an MRA! He’s a PUA!” is the same as saying, “My shirt’s not pink! It’s salmon!” I don’t care which subspecies of douche each individual calls himself. Here is how I’m defining MRA: a terrible goober who claims that men are oppressed because women can choose their sexual partners. Just be grateful I didn’t use Marc Maron’s term: “unfuckable hate nerds”.

The even go so far as to Cherry Pick Jack Barns as defending the KKK. Here is a response video by Jack taking out the garbage.

Jack Barnes MRA
Jack Barns article on Matt Forney

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