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Hi Roosh,

My name is Sage. My internet persona is Victor Zen. I’m a men’s rights activist of about 4 years, and my resumé includes lobbying congress, starting a national incubator for men’s rights student organizations, hosting a conference, formally debating a feminist-atheist leader, and travelling the world to rallies and events. My battle scars feature police reports brandishing false allegations and mainstream media hit pieces.

I have a brief answer to your request for civility in “Is It Time To Make A Truce With Men’s Rights Activists?

We agree on the importance of self-improvement as a means to adapt, and on the importance of having no shame in being a heterosexual man. I commend your ability to draw a crowd and make a living with words, but we differ strongly on love, sex, and gays—to name a few things. When it comes to game, I think your articles are to seduction what Cosmopolitan’s are to dieting. My thinking this way doesn’t mean that I hate you, I just don’t take most of what you say seriously.

This sentence from your article is one of the few exceptions:

[MRAs] have been the first to shame game tactics as “manipulation” while I repeatedly criticized them for being more focused on begging authority figures for rights and benefits instead of adjusting to modern-day realities by taking on the path of self-improvement.

An open-minded visit to Google rebuts your characterization of MRAs well-enough, but I will still add that you can’t paint MRAs as amenable and aggressive at the same time. I’m either a sniveling little shit beta that sobs “pretty please don’t take my rights” into the lower fabric of a judge’s gown or I’m the next cross-eyed emotional shame-monger browbeating your motives. Neither describe me or most MRAs I know, but if you are going to make a jab, use one fist. Your defense drops otherwise.

To be clear, I’m neither asking or appealing to your humanity when I say that you must willingly hear a MRA’s position on its merits if you want the same treatment. Me disagreeing with you or criticizing your words is not meant as personal hostility or hatred, but if you put character speculations and apparently mature appeals to civility in the same article then you can expect to once again see the word “manipulation.”

I’d like to invite you to a hangout discussion by appointment because I enjoy speaking with people outside of my comfort zone. Although I do not anticipate agreeing with you about much, I can at least promise to not treat you with unwarranted hostility and give what you say a fair and thorough hearing in the name of setting an example we’d both appreciate.

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