Romanian president wants to be the Nice Guy™ – and he fails

Note: This article first appeared on AVFM Romania.

Did you know that May 8th was the “Equality of opportunity between women and men Day”? The Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis, was very preoccupied on Friday to announce this aspect. Moreover, he was very delighted to let us know about the moment when he signed into law the establishment of this holiday, as if this was his merit, not his constitutional obligation.

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Translation: Respect for those around us is a virtue, and gender equality must become a reality in modern times. In March, I signed into law the act that declares May 8 as the Equality of opportunity between men and women Day, and today I am joining the international campaign #HeForShe, as a sign of support for women’s rights worldwide.

Seizing on this opportunity, the President also announced us that he joins the latest feminist ideological fashion of the UN – namely the international campaign #HeForShe.

It is true that in Romania the president has more prerogatives than in Hungary or Germany but it is also true that the president has fewer prerogatives than in presidential republics such as the USA or Belarus.

In other words, such ideological commitments would preferable to reside at the bottom of the presidential agenda (if they are to reside at all) lagging behind some far more important aspects such as overseeing the enforcement of the Constitution or the national defense policy (which includes the protecting of strategical resources).

It is not by chance that we mention the strategical resources. Also these days are used by a significant proportion of the civil society and diaspora to organize ample protests against the defective and downright corrupt management of the State’s forrests, which are a strategical resource.

Considering that Mr. Iohannis is a president elected especially at the will of the diaspora and considering that a constitutional obligation of his own is questioned, this should be the focus of hist attention. But this doesn’t happen. Klaus Iohannis is far more preoccupied with making ideological commitments.

#HeForShe – short version

For those who don’t follow the nonsense spouted endlessly by institutions such as the UN, we remind our readers that #HeForShe is a campaign started at the initiative of the Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women (no, we’re not joking, that’s her title), the British actor Emma Watson.

The campaign was launched following a downright Orwellian speech with a misandric flavor, held on September 20th, last year.

Amongst other things, Emma Watson told then to the whole world that men and boys are not human. In her own words:

I want men to take up this mantle so that their daughters, sisters, and mothers can be free from prejudice, but also so that their sons have permission to be vulnerable and human too.

In other words, not only our sons are not human now, but they also don’t have the permission to be human unless they embrace the Orwellian-feminist message of Emma Watson and the rest of the feminist clique.

Can you imagine what would have happened if our president had joined a campaign that says women and girls aren’t human because they run slower than men? All hell would’ve broken loose in no time, and rightfully so. But when the president neglects his constitutional duties in order to join a fundamentally misandric campaign, that doesn’t matter.

What’s funnier is that the president’s message somehow still managed to offend the gender ideologues’ sensibilities because, you see, Iohannis’ message objectifies women.

Andreea Molocea, vice-president of a feminist association and Ph.D. candidate for the School of Multicultural-Feminist Indoctrination, known better to the public as the SNSPA (National School of Political Science and Public Administration) explains to us simpletons in the Adevărul newspaper:

„Respect for those around us is a virtue.” That is how [the president] starts his message and after the comma he mentions equality of opportunity. In other words, the president says that respect for women is a virtue; in other words women are “those around us,” women are the object and men are the subject.

And we pay for this individual to get a Ph.D. so she can write more garbage like this – and do it under a veneer of authority. So much for patriarchy! And she goes on:

The problem with the patriarchy is that it exceeds the domain of laws, rights and policies. These are just the tip of the iceberg of men’s domination over women. The true domination comes exactly from this type of behavior, these subtle underminings, these reduction of us [women] from the center to the outskirts, from the heart till epidermis.

Aren’t you feeling better for paying for the “studies” of this lady? Isn’t it great that our taxes (mostly paid by men) are ideally used to pay for the “studies” of a lady who is then once again paid to write garbage about men?

And she goes on:

Joining a global campaign of great visibility is an image benefit for them and zero benefits for me, the female citizen of Romania! […]

I would like to see the elected President doing justice when a lot of injustice falls on women’s shoulders. I would have wanted to see the President, today, May 8, come out and publicly condemn the harassment acts that a mayor of a big city perpetrated for months against a woman!

Andreea Molocea, like most feminist ideologues, demonstrates a crass lack of knowledge regarding the laws and the inter-institutional relations of this country.

We will assume that in the last sentence she means the case of the mayor of Iași, Gheorghe Nichita who is under arrest facing charges of abuse of power and other crimes. The key expression here is “under arrest.” In other words, Ghorghe Nichita is already in the process of being held accountable for his deeds – and this is the prerogative of the judicial apparatus, not the President’s.

Speaking of the judicial apparatus – we have yet to see a feminist lauding the judicial apparatus, which in the meantime is being lauded internationally precisely because of the work of two genuinely courageous women: Monica Macovei and Laura Codruța Kövesi.

One of the reasons (if not the main reason) for which Gheorghe Nichita is being held accountable for his deeds (something that would not have happened 20 years ago) is precisely because these two ladies have tirelessly worked to strengthen the judiciary – a judiciary which is by the way, also dominated by women.

But, in the purest feminist fashion, these aspects don’t matter. What matters is that Iohannis’ message is not misandric enough and not conforming enough with the party line of the internationalist feminism.

This was expected

This move of president Iohannis and the disproportionate reactions of the feminist ideologues were expected.

We say this because the feminist ideologue-in-chief of this country, Mihaela Miroiu (coincidentally, also part of SNSPA) offered her public endorsement for Klaus Iohannis even from the first round (when also two women were in the race) arguing that Monica Macovei is not appropriate for the job because she doesn’t believe in “social justice.”

Mihaela Miroiu said at the time:

[Monica Macovei] has a program that doesn’t intersect at all with my preferences regarding justice with three eyes open, not with both eyes blindfolded. Justice and fairness aren’t identical. As a President, she should deal with social justice, not just justice period.

In other words, the judiciary’s impartiality (because that’s what’s all about when Justitia is blindfolded) is not part of the feminist plan. Equality under the law is the antithesis of feminism – an aspect which those of us in the politically activated non-feminist sector already know.

Other reactions

The upside of this whole deal is that the public didn’t react well at all to the President’s move – which is fantastic and shows once again that feminism is an uber-minority position in this country and with high chances of staying like that perpetually.

Considering that Mr. Iohannis was considered by most analysts as the president of the “Facebook generation” – we consider the reactions he got on his Facebook page to be relevant. Let’s review a few of the reactions that the people who voted for him threw at the President.

Ms. Mihaela R. says:

Mr. president, you are out of your mind, and I’m sorry to say so. This is your concern?!!! You are unrecognizable when compared to the Iohannis I voted for in November, and you’re in free fall!

Ms. Maria C. adds:

IF NOT EVEN NOW THERE’S NO EQUALITY BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN, THEN WHEN??? In fact, women have already surpassed men in rights……..

Mr. Marius O. also says:

I’m sorry for voting you, Mr. President!

And it goes on and on like that for several thousand comments.

These people are not AVFM members, nor militant anti-feminists and not even members of the opposition political parties. These people are average citizens of this country – most of them having voted for Mr. Iohannis in the last elections. For the president of the “Facebook generation” – this doesn’t look good at all.

Is Klaus Iohannis a misandric ideologue?

The most complete answer that we can give is… we don’t know yet.

I personally don’t think he is. In the style of Hume’s philosophy, I reject the “greater miracle.”

It is much more likely for Iohannis to be badly informed (or even completely uninformed) but for him to have been weighed that this ideological forage to be a good image move and a good move to distract the public from the much more pressing matters. It’s more likely that than to believe that Iohannis is part of a conspiracy or a great believer in the feminist cult.

Internationalist feminism is always disseminated first using the ignorance of various decision makers as well as using their misplaced good intentions. We have no proof, for instance, that Iohannis is aware of the fact that feminism was one of the spreading vectors of the Eugenic movement which later on was to serve as inspiration for the horrors of the National-Socialist regime in Germany. Ignorance is a much likely answer.

But ignorance of the real danger that gender ideology represents for the society does not, and should not, excuse the President. As head of State, he doesn’t have the right to be ignorant, nor the right to be only half-informed.

This move will cost Mr. Iohannis votes – and quite a few of them. But, more importantly, Klaus Iohannis’ move proves what AVFM Romania has asserted in its mission statement right from the get-go. We consider that generally, all the big political parties in Romania are either populist or gynocentric and thus unworthy of our support.

The main rival of Mr. Iohannis for the presidency want to shove Istanbul Convention down our throats, a document whose provisions are in flagrant contradiction with the Romanian Constitution, the Civil Code and any commonsensical principle. Mr. Iohannis is shoving #HeForShe down our throats.

Mr. Iohannis was voted mainly for the simple fact that he wasn’t his rival. It is now obvious that this quality, although necessary in the eyes of the majority of the citizens, is not sufficient.

As long as such slippages are being tolerated, we will move step by stepnote towards a feminist governance.

note “Step by step” (Romanian: Pas cu pas) is the name of Klaus Iohannis’ book where he details his step-by-step evolution from the mayor of the historical city of Sibiu (Hermanstadt) till being elected as head of State.

Featured image source: RFI

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