Researchers: Dildos and vibrators should have “consent-modules”

. . . he has the prettiest love-songs for maids; so without bawdry, which is strange; with such delicate burthens of dildos and fadings, ‘jump her and thump her; — Shakespeare — The Winter’s Tale, Act IV, Scene III

Researchers” at the “universities” in Wollongong (Australia) and Radbound University (Netherlands), have proposed that “sex robots” should have to consent prior to intercourse with their owners.

Swedish feminists, advocate banning sex dolls completely, as they claim that sex dolls ‘normalize sexual violence against women.” The researchers advocating a microchip in sex robots, that requires the user to have its consent, are apparently offering a compromise to the complete banning of sex robots.

“Researchers” at the Perses Insitute in Washington D.C. have realized that the authors of “Designing Virtuous Sex Robots,” by extension, have made a strong case for requiring a consent module for the use of dildos, strap ons and other types of sex robots and mechanical paraphernalia.

These “researchers” argue that we must cultivate compassion in users of sex robots, and, ethical and responsibilities in manufacturers and users of sex robots. “A sex robot which not only can practise consent scenarios with a human partner, but which can actually cultivate a virtue like compassion could potentially be used in sex education and therapy,” the authors argue. However, the Perses Institute believes that the “reasoning” of these researchers applies equally to other sex paraphernalia which can normalize sexual violence against men and boys.

For example, “smart vibrators” are now becoming commonplace.


Smart vibrators should require a consent module that makes certain the user checks for age of consent, ability to consent and enthusiasm of the phallus to participate in the user’s fantasies

With a consent module installed, the vibrator could be programmed to instruct the user on extending compassion to the user’s fantasy lover, and, checking to make certain that the phallus is of proper age. Given the epidemic of the rape of boys by teachers in public schools, this could be an invaluable aid in preventing the sexual exploitation of vulnerable boys in the education system. These smart vibrators, with consent modules installed, would also be helpful in sex therapy to teach the user how to extend compassion, and, invite enthusiastic consent.

The vibrator could also contain a recording module, integrated with the consent module, so that the user can record their consent to the vibrator, and, avoid later feeling that the user had been “raped” by the vibrator in case the user changes their mind about consent after their use of the vibrator.

With this technology, we may be able to revolutionize users of vibrators and dildos appropriately respecting their fantasy partners so that users will be empowered to extend the same respect and compassion to their partners in real life.

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