Queen’s University Pedobears Earn Over 9000 Trolltard Points

Queen’s University femistasia, almost certainly without a single femanon among them, have creepypasta’d Anonymous to create the funniest threat we’ve gotten all year:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhsTckEZW4k]
These are obviously not even moralphags, just trolltards. Queen’s University femistasi should check out this important instruction manual on how Anonymous really rolls (no one else should bother).

As we recall, someone else tried to claim to be Anonymous a year or two ago to threaten JudgyBitch. It of course wasn’t real, and neither is this. Those of us who know how this works can spot a fake a mile away, and b/tards everywhere are encouraged to make a meme out of this pedobear’s unfappable image, if they want:


Meanwhile, our new word for “pedophily” and “rapey” on AVfM shall henceforth be “A.Mercier” or just “amercier” for short.

I felt amercierd by that scary threat, didn’t you?

(Important note: if you didn’t understand one word of what I wrote above, don’t worry about it. As a member of Anonymous I don’t have time to explain it.)


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