Q&A sessions at Male Students in Peril 2014

Here are the Q&A sessions for every speaker at the Male Students in Peril 2014 conference.

There were a lot of technical issues with the house microphone in the audience, including six questions getting cut after said microphone died. As a result, closed captions (CC) are enabled for this video. Click the “CC” button at the bottom right of the YouTube player to turn them on. Phone users should press a plus sign (+) or relevant settings button (depending on the app playing the video) to enable CC. If you do not enable CC, you are just going to hear mumbling or silence from the audience.

Also, note that this footage and the panel footage will be here on YouTube but not on the DVD. The three obvious reasons are the technical issues with audio, the size of the footage, and the fact that audience faces were not blurred (which makes it impossible to use in the privately developed product, the DVD). Sage Gerard/Victor Zen’s campus men’s group (now called Zen Men) wanted room for bonus footage on the DVD and an overall professional presentation, and due to the technical issues, this video does not contribute to that goal.

To the FundAnything sponsors: The DVD case cover and label have been designed, and Zen Men will be moving to distribute as soon as the footage is re-encoded with a DVD menu and sent to the print shop. Your patience is appreciated while Zen Men moves into the last stages of production.

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