Prepping for the wrong cataclysm…

Every once in a while, I find myself detouring in my absorption of worldly concerns. It’s not always on purpose, but shit happens, and the result can sometimes be interesting. I bought the game, “The Last of Us,” fell in love, surfed the AMV’s, and wound up tumbling through a jungle gym of the Youtube Prepping Community. Well… Shit…

The good news is, this new age bundle of preppers doesn’t have the conspiracy theorist paranoia bend I’ve come to expect from preppers. I’m a paranoid schizo on a good day, I don’t need help dreaming shit up, I have the government, that’s plenty enough nightmares.

So, I’ve found a considerable number of preppers who don’t bother with the end of the world. PreparedMind101, for instance, is currently redesigning his motif on his 95-5 principle; that is 95% normal life 5% camping, 95% business as usual 5% emergency, etc.; mostly everyday preparedness. Many others talk about the necessities of a 72-hour bag, or conversely, the bug-out-bags (BOB), or as we in the manosphere know them, the grab-and-go (GAG); these intrigued me for a lot of reasons which you can probably guess.

Many preppers like Canadian Prepper and Ethical Preparedness deal with the psychology in the aftermath. Ok, when I first saw “Canadian Prepper” I had a mental image of this guy. While their theory is sound, regardless of what collapse anyone dreams up, they (like so many of their ilk) neglects to talk about the biggest threat to those who intend to survive; that threat being women.

Speaking of women – like most “take action” jobs and/or hobbies – very few women are preppers, and most of them, are married to preppers. My best guess on this gender disparity is the prepper’s need for basic physical fitness, coupled with the ugly reality of what a woman is actually good for (both of which, modern women are desperately trying to ignore and make excuses for). Those few women who make their own prepping videos, often center around what you would typically expect of women to prepare for; medical, gardens, cooking, crafting, child amusement, hygiene, etc. And yet still, I haven’t discovered much in the way of sex trade; I’ll have to blame this discrepancy on the fact that most female preppers are, conservative married religious women who live mostly in rural communities. Even the Patriot Nurse, who has a good head on her shoulders, talked about sex as something to do, but as far as I’ve found, she hasn’t talked about sex as a commodity to take or trade. Survival Lilly is refreshingly grunge in her rough-it videos.

But the preppers I find most interesting, from a facepalm perspective, are those preparing for some form of a catastrophic event which will cripple civilization. Putting aside the dumbasses (asteroids, solar flares, climate change, EMPs, nuclear holocaust, terrorism, etc.), the ones I keep thinking about are those worried about an economic meltdown, a Wall Street crash, a virus in the banking system. Anyone who follows my shit will know my views on money, so I’ll do my best to keep this civil and boring.

There’s a running joke among preppers – those orbiting the fringes in related areas – and that’s the zombie apocalypse. Those of us who take it seriously, more often than not, don’t understand the true zombie threat. Instead, we think in terms of classic zombie nomenclature. The zombie threat is very real and they are all around us; devouring brains, and creating more zombies as fast as their dead-eyed drooling strutting gait will allow them to. We don’t know these zombies among us for what they are because it is politically incorrect to call them zombies, but they are every bit as dangerous as Hollywood makes them out to be; we can, however, call them liberal progressives, feminists, and social-justice warriors, mind their pronouns, shit-lord.

The promise of “freeing” women from the bondage of housewifery (now that’s a kinky mental image), has sent the national debts of western countries spiraling around the crapper. Feminists demanded their governments create jobs for them, and their governments did just that. I wager half the female population is at the public feeding trough in one form or another, from welfare to inane ministries. This means that women aren’t producing revenue.

Add to the mix that there’s been a decades-long campaign called “work smart, not hard” in which production labor (which creates revenue) has been stigmatized in favor of higher education. And with that, a glut of garbage degrees which make both men and women useless in the real world. And the vile handling of our boys in school has lead to decreased literacy, increased incarceration, and a generally crappy labor pool to keep this joke of an economy looking like it means something. Someone had the gall to tell me it doesn’t matter because we’re moving into a service industry; well who the fuck sustains the service industry?

Men generate revenue, and married men generate most of that. However, with the sadistic legal climate of family courts sucking the life blood out of men for having a dissatisfied wife, men are avoiding marriage like the plague. And with the legal climate around sexual harassment and rape, young men are avoiding young women, like the plague. Over 70% of marriageable men in Japan have no intention of getting in a relationship; they are working minimum wage jobs, staying under the tax bracket, earning just enough to live on and feed their hobbies; the Japanese government is panicking, stripper poles are being installed in apartments to encourage sexual activity. Here in North America, the same culture is growing, about 60% of marriageable men have thrown up their hands and said, and I quote, “FUCK THIS SHIT!!!”

The economic collapse is upon us, groaning under the weight of gynocentric policies, and the growing phenomenon of retaliatory apathy called MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Pardon me while a giggle discreetly…

Look, I’ve shit in a hole and a bucket, and a wide array of other contraptions, and I’ve wiped my ass with moss, and some (I don’t know) rolled up emery-cloth posing as toilet paper; I’m rather partial to soft paper and a flush mechanism. You can call me a pansy ass if it makes you feel better, I don’t care; but if you think that’s something, just wait until your wife/gf/daughter has to start reusing her crotch pads. Legal reform starts looking easy.

So let’s entertain the idea that the economic meltdown (keyword, meltdown) happens in some manner that people start thinking it’s actually happening. Well, you’re fucked. After you’ve realized just how fucked you are, you need to take stock of your home, this is very important; if you can sell it for a loaf of bread, it has value. Yeah, go ahead and cry over your wife’s China cabinet stuffed with glass figurines, you are so fucked. You remember that floor your wife said you needed, that Saxony carpet; yeah it’s got no resale value, it was destined for landfill the moment it was made, just imagine how many fires you could have started with that cash. Your wife/gf is filling your home up with junk which can only be appreciated by people who care about showing off wasted wealth.

I hope you weren’t dumb enough to store emergency gear in some rented storage facility because it’s now owned by enterprising gangs. Oh, they may let you in without even letting you know they’re there; letting you back out with anything that may be viewed as valuable, is a different story.

No, don’t sell anything for cash. And don’t look like you’re not hard up.

Oh yeah, the women. They’re gonna getcha killed, whether they mean to or not, they are gonna blindside you, because you have testicles, and your Captain-save-a-hoe alter ego is gonna go into full fucking stupid retard mode; cuzz dick + wet = life’s good (it’s genetic survival, one can only hope that your lazy-assed frontal lobe can tackle your lizard brain in time). Your wife/gf/daughter will be your biggest danger, as you are already invested in them; you better find out what their priorities are, because that’s why you’re going to die for them (she’s pissed because you didn’t get her a dozen long-stem roses and a day-spa for valentine’s? And you’re still with her why?). The neighbor lady who needs milk for her baby; no, because she will force you and yours into early starvation, she made her bed while life was good, had she kept her man, she wouldn’t be knocking on your door. Legal reform starts looking easy.

Now, do I think that the aforementioned type of meltdown will occur? No, I think it will be an actual meltdown, much more like Rome, hobbling along for a few more generations, desperately holding onto glory long forgotten. Did you hear about those Hun refugees? Those poor poor destitute Huns, we need to take them under our wing and nurture them. Violent heathen criminals you say? Nonsense, you racist shit-lord.

In either case, one is left wondering, what will be needed to rebuild civilization. Turd Flinging Monkey thought he would answer this, and he came reasonably close with his hypocritical video Redeeming Social Darwinism. In it, he alludes to controlling female reproductive choice, referencing Jewish tradition of breeding mind over body. I’m not aghast at the thought, even having three daughters, I know the truth of this. Every time a society has fallen, a religion (new or old) has stepped in and asserted dominance over women. Coupled with statistics bearing out that women are on average more religious than men, it’s little wonder women believe ludicrous ideas. Why does Feminist law look increasingly like Islamic law?

Do western men have what it takes to rebuild after the pending disaster? Are we too humane? Will our women step up and bitch-slap their sisters’ stupidity? Preppers are generally blind to this problem. MGTOW’s don’t have an answer (nor would I expect them to), but when pressed they tend to gaslight and strawman the issue; I’ve been assumed to be a Nazi, and global population blah blah (like the West has a serious population problem, I think the reverse is true).

Look, I have three daughters, and if my advocacy of the MRM holds any sway, they’ll never get married, and hopefully never end up in a long-term relationship. Admittedly that’s a cruel punishment for – currently – innocent bystanders, but it’s a sacrifice I have to deal with. But I can’t look at the above problem and in good conscience think, “they’ll be fine.” I am their father, and when push comes to shove, this problem will land back on my table. Meaning that I will have to make some hypocritical choices and in certain perspectives, inhumane choices. One thing I will guarantee is my daughters will survive; their level of happiness… debatable.

Preppers… will your sons be ready for them? Legal reform starts looking easy.

As a side note, I showed the wife a picture of a “Hello Kitty” .45 pistol. She asked me, “are you getting me one?” with that expectant grin of hers, like her tiny child hands can even grasp a .45. I’m neither a prepper, nor a gun geek, but the wife’s enthusiasm over Hello Kitty may well be my in. Almighty patriarchal penis help me, I live in Canada.

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