Politics, Sexual Assault and the War on College Men

The war on college male students continues unabashedly with even the President getting in on the act recently by citing the feminist-inspired myth that “1 out of 5” women are victims of rape. Though a Department of Justice report shows a 10-year decline of sexual assault on college campuses, playing politics with the very serious issue of sexual assault appears to be gaining momentum. President Obama has appointed a task force called the the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. We could easily write the script for what the recommendations that this task force will likely make.
So as a taxpayer, and to appease the rape hysteria feminist proponents, I have the following suggestions to the task force to help them ensure that men are expeditiously driven off college campuses:
1. All enrolled secondary and post-secondary students unfortunate to be born of the male sex should be required to wear a bright, striped uniform with a large decal sewn into their clothing to designate them as potential rapists, a similar program initiated during the 1930s by the German government against a class of people whose only crime was being born Jewish. We should be inspired by their bold action in combating that menace, and must be similarly bold in our action against men, sex fiends that they are.
2. Any male student accused of sexual assault or harassment should immediately have their due process rights suspended, be required to attend anti-male indoctrination training and be forced to stand in front of a specially-trained tribunal in which the outcome will be predisposed to a finding of guilt (because why would they be accused if they weren’t guilty?). While this has already been accomplished in part through the passage of the SaVE Act, which was conveniently buried within the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), colleges would be well-served to stop pussyfooting around and get serious about really protecting students from the male population.
3. In order to justify the directing of millions of taxpayer dollars to grow the army of dedicated resources within the rape industry, we should direct the Department of Education to broaden and weaken the definition of what sexual assault (rape) and harassment constitute so as to ensure that a mere allegation would suffice in expelling a male student from campus. This weakened definition would then be used to inflate the number of “assaults” reported thereby justifying the need for additional resources.
4. When contemplating how best to destroy a young man by branding him as a rapist for the remainder of his life, we should lower the evidentiary standard used by a university disciplinary panel for adjudicating sexual assault cases from that of “beyond a reasonable doubt” (a 95% probability of guilt) to the lowest possible standard, “a preponderance of the evidence” (a 50.1% probability of guilt), essentially a coin flip. Several readers will catch on that idea has already been enacted by the DOE through the issuance of the 2011 Dear Colleague letter, but I think we can do better and make the rules even more explicit.
5. To drive home the message that these new protocols are required on college campuses, and borrowing heavily from this nation’s past history of intolerance, discrimination and the denial of civil rights to a class of citizen, we should move well beyond merely destroying a man’s life when an allegation of sexual assault is made and move directly to “participatory justice” by implementing public lynchings, which can be held in the middle of campus for all students, faculty and administrators to witness.
Do these sound extreme? They’re clearly close to reality now. In all seriousness, given the culture of misandry and radical feminism pervading universities along with the kangaroo disciplinary courts that exist on college campuses today, I predict that there will be a tidal wave of lawsuits filed by falsely-accused and expelled male students that will flood our courts as universities continue to implement Draconian measures to appease “rape culture” fanaticism. We should certainly hope so, anyway.

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