Poisoning the wells from which our young girls drink

Last year I wrote an article titled Girls Feelings Are Far More Important Than The Truth for Jasmin Newman’s Relating to Men website

It was based upon the “shock” and “dismay” expressed by so many prominent feminists in our education system when they read the results of a survey given to Victorian schoolgirls. The survey indicated that the overwhelming majority of girls believed they were treated unfairly in our society and that boys and men were privileged. Apparently, they don’t survey boys.

My article questioned their surprise at the outcome of the survey given the fact that they force feed the girls a steady diet of lies about their oppression and victim status in society.

The latest news to catch my eye here in the feminist state of Victoria is the fact that:

“feminist collectives” are springing up across the country as young women are presented with a grim picture of gender equality by a new wave of education programs that place “white male privilege” and “hegemonic masculinity” at the root of family violence.’

 Many High schools throughout Victoria have established feminist collectives or clubs in recent times. Internationally, schools in Argentina, Brazil and Berlin have taken up the Fitzroy High School’s (from here in Victoria) Feminist Collective’s teaching resource, Fightback, despite concerns it simplifies the issue of violence in the community and potentially alienates men and boys.

The Australian (major newspaper) reported :

teachers are being encouraged to develop feminist collectives as part of the Victorian governments $21 million Respectful Relationships program to tackle family violence.

This program has nothing to do with respectful relationships. It is only about preaching that all females deserve and should be given respect, regardless of how they behave. Why don’t they at least have the guts to call this program what it is? Remember how they changed the title of Women’s Studies and renamed it Gender Studies? Of course, now we all believe it is a fair and accurate examination and study of the difficulties encountered by both genders as they try to make their way through life. Gutless and deceitful. What an ugly combination.

Independent schools like Korowa Anglican Girls School in Melbourne (just one of several schools introducing the idea of feminist collectives) is a school where girls from affluent families are given access to the highest quality education in the state. They are achieving outstanding results in statewide testing yet they are encouraging the girls to believe they are somehow disadvantaged and oppressed. At the very same time their dads and mums are paying exorbitant fees to see their daughters receive advantages most boys could only dream about. Sadly, the girls seem to believe they are being crushed by the patriarchy. I checked their website to see just how crushed and disadvantaged these girls are.

If it were not so shocking the sheer irony of the situation it would be hysterically funny. For some reason I can’t even muster a slight grin.

It breaks my heart to think of the damage these manipulative, hate filled misandrists are doing to the young women in their care. They are deliberately force feeding the girls a steady diet of deceitful lies and poisonous propaganda to convince them that they are oppressed and the victims of a world which hates and shuns them because they have a vagina. This, in my view, is child abuse. They are condemning these girls to a life based on ignorance, self-entitlement and hate.

This program also presents their brothers, fathers, boyfriends and other significant male figures in their lives as privileged, pampered and powerful. The many men in their lives are seen as people who are contributing to their role as a victim.

What chance does any young man have when expressing his pain, his sense of grief over broken dreams or frustrated ambition to a girl who has been indoctrinated with this hateful filth? She will be entirely deaf to any male who attempts to speak of the obstacles and hardships in his life. We know the media and our governments do not give a fuck about the lives and wellbeing of its men and boys, but when it comes to personal relationships, you would hope individuals may find solace in the company of a compassionate female. There are still many such females in our country but their number will surely decline the wider this bigoted bullshit is spread in our education system.

Let me just provide you with some of the subject matter the girls will examine when gathered in their collectives.

Designed to educate students about negative attitudes that contribute to high rates of sexism and discrimination and ultimately, violence against women, Fightback, paints a worrying picture of inequality.

In one activity, students are told there are “common perceptions” about equality, including that women are already equal, that we are in a post feminist era or that men suffer inequality too. [My emphasis].

I confess to being a very passionate and expressive person so visceral reactions to words and images are common for me. That bolded phrase felt like a punch in my guts. The Fightback Program is telling the girls that the idea that men or boys suffer inequality is a myth. Can you believe it? One half of humanity never encounters injustice, betrayal, loss, hatred or abuse simply because they were born with a penis. To be honest, any young girl who can sit through these sessions and not realize how obscene and absurd the basic premise of the program is, will most likely be beyond the reach of logical argument and cold facts.

Oh, and here are some of the slam dunks offered up as proof of their ideological poison.

Students are shown statistics on the pay gap between the sexes and women’s representation in politics, business, sport and film and are asked: So, are we equal?

Can you believe they still bring up the pay gap? It is like a zombie-no matter how many times you think you have ended his life he finds a way to rise and raise his ugly, rotting visage sending you scampering after that shotgun yet again.

So, the adage about equal opportunity not leading to equal outcomes doesn’t get raised? Do they present the girls with statistics on workplace death and injury, suicide, ever declining rates of males graduating at our universities, degree of harshness in sentencing for the genders for the same crime? How about the fact that boys and men have no reproductive rights and are almost certain to lose their house and kids should their marriage come to an end simply because they are male? Maybe we could mention the funding for female health compared to funding for men or the funding for and recognition of male victims of domestic violence in comparison to the money and attention given to women. No reference to the idea of choice influencing the numbers of females in the professions mentioned? No.

“So boys, are we equal?”

Again, you either laugh or cry. They teach the girls that they are disadvantaged by being a female and deliberately held back by men and then squeal in feigned horror when the same girls are surveyed and the results tell them the young women in their care feel disadvantaged and victimized! De ja vu anyone?

It is so unbelievably mind numbing I cannot comprehend that this is the reality in my beloved home state.

This program has the full support of the Victorian Labor Government (as feminized a government as you will find anywhere in the world). The Education Minister, James Merlino praised the program:

I always encourage students to pursue interests they are passionate about and to lead student projects and organizations.

I wonder how encouraging James would be if young men wished to set up collectives that raised issues of concern for men and boys? I think his enthusiasm for students who wish to pursue interests they feel passionately about would be severely tested. An interesting side note. I knew James when he was just Jamie-a boy in my grade six class about 33 years ago. He was a lovely kid.

We have exchanged a few emails in which we have remembered our time together with warmth and fondness but when I have pushed him hard on his government’s stand on domestic violence and their complete lack of compassion or empathy for men and boys or just an acknowledgement of the facts about female violence, James becomes the politician and deftly feeds me the party line. It hurts.

I will never understand how any person of heart and intelligence could so coldly and deliberately place the wellbeing of one gender above that of another, particularly when such an approach is justified with nothing but lies and barely camouflaged hatred and contempt. It seems there are many such people in our education system here in Victoria.

There was a time when teachers spoke about ‘people’ and their rights. We had a simple message which spoke of respect for others and their differences. Now, our education system deliberately divides us into gender tribes and makes the chances of empathy and compassion between men and women, boys and girls almost insurmountable. This is a heartbreaking reality and the irony is that such programs can only lead to further conflict within relationships and the broader community.




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