Please Help Regarding Men become XYCrew!

Regarding Men, which was once a discussion about men, is becoming XY Crew, a service for men. We are now serving hundreds of men, making live, online peer support available 24/7. This is an important first for the Red Pill community. Never before has this kind of live, ongoing support been available to men suffering the effects of parental alienation, acrimonious divorce (and the corrupt family courts that come with it), false accusations, the abusiveness of personality disordered women, or even the isolation that comes with Red Pill awareness and thinking.

From time to time, someone wanders in here and says something like, “All this information is good, but what are you actually doing for men?”

Well, this is the very definition of “doing.” And it is something great. Something real. There’s magic that happens when men gather to share their lived experience, strength, and hope in a supportive, shame-free zone. Healing happens, and forward progress. We’re seeing it every day of the week at XY Crew.

Please consider being a part of this great effort by pitching in a few dollars to our GoFundMe for needed graphics and web development plans. We want to reach as many men as possible, and you can help us with a donation, no matter how small.

Make a real, positive difference in the lives of men right now by following this link to the GoFundMe Page and making your contribution.

Your support is important and appreciated!


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