Please help AVFM continue to carry the message

Greetings all,

Every four months we must appeal to AVFM readers to help keep this important website online. The fundraising goal is based entirely on our actual server costs (see the invoice), plus GoFundMe fees. It does not represent the full cost of AVFM operations but, along with our faithful subscribers, it does keep our nostrils above the financial waterline.

Your support here is more important than you might know. This summer AVFM will celebrate 10 years online. Even after a full decade we remain the unquestioned flagship for the online men’s movement. We continue to bring red pill men the kind of literature they need to understand and come to terms with the blue pill world in which they live.

Can you imagine where we’d be in this misandric world without A Voice for Men?

If you agree with us that A Voice for Men is an absolute necessity, please show that support with a contribution to this quarterly fundraiser to cover our server costs. You’ll be helping us, and generations of men to come to have access to information and thought they will not see anywhere else.

We sincerely thank you in advance for your support.

UPDATE: At $980 we are nearly there. Please help us reach 100%!



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