Pauley Perrette busted with leaked 911 call then goes apeshit on whistleblower

Restraining order queen Pauley Perrette told a court that she and her boyfriend were assailed by a wild, phone camera wielding Francis Shivers as she and her BF sat enjoying sushi. Shivers maintains he was first threatened by said BF and produced his camera phone to document the attack on him.

The following leaked 911 call from Perrette herself backs Shivers, as she first tells the emergency operator that Shivers produced the camera phone AFTER her BF rose to challenge him. Then she goes, Uh oh, no, uh, he had the phone out first, for realz!

After the leak was first published online at, Perrette sent an emotional damsel demand though Twitter:


Apparently only motherless atheists would believe that Perrette is the real stalker here. Well, there are also people who can read and think:

Here is the 911 call. We will leave it to you motherless, godless bastids to choose for yourselves.




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