No feminists in a foxhole

I’ve heard it said many times before, but it bears repeating.

Feminism can only exist in times of peace and plenty. In other words, when all of the back breaking, heavy lifting, life risking work has been done by men and the work environment is comfortable and carpeted with air conditioning (sexist though it may be) or qualifications have been lowered in order to facilitate a large quota of undeserving females’ easy entry into professions men had to gain entry into by proving themselves worthy- feminism flourishes.

In times of peace and prosperity women make endless demands while denouncing and denigrating men. They question male usefulness and wonder if they are really a necessary component in our modern world where buttons are pushed, remote controls pointed, laptops flipped open revealing all you need to see and know. Mobile phones are deemed more valuable and indispensable than anyone with a penis.

Feminists preach loudly and incessantly the mantra- women are not simply the equal of men, they are their moral and physical superior.

We recall the line about Ginger Rogers doing everything Astaire did in high heels!

We watch women beating up large brutish men in cop shows, spy films and superhero flicks. Girls and women appear in every advertisement outdoing the men in fields men once dominated. Girls kick footballs, fight fires, arrest criminals without male assistance. Army and airforce recruitment advertisements feature women in almost every scene.

Men are depicted as brutish, stupid, clumsy and violent in films and ads. Boys are presented as the only children who bully and abuse their male and female peers.

None of this propaganda represents the real world.

All women know this- even the most rabid feminist. But it matters not, for men support and promote this charade. If there is no-one with the courage of the boy who saw the naked emperor’s bare arse and declared the King was naked, what does it matter?

The lie lives on. Perhaps the next generation of boys raised on this relentless diet of deceit will come to believe it is true in spite of their daily experiences in the real world.

Bill Burr, the American comedian did a routine a few years ago when he pinpointed the utter hypocrisy of the cake and eat it brigade known as feminists.

He suggested that the most virulent man hating feminist with her head shaved would twirl her remaining stands of hair and put on her cutest helpless face if she was standing on the deck of the Titanic and unashamedly play the little damsel in distress.

He was right.

What prompted this little essay?

Russia invaded the Ukraine this week.

An edict was declared today. No man between the ages of 18 and 60 can leave the country. Martial law has been declared. I assume any male caught attempting to escape the death and destruction will be arrested. Perhaps he will face a firing squad.

I’ve no doubt there are many feminists in Ukraine.

Where are the angry protests? Such a blatant insult cannot be tolerated. Surely women are incensed by the implications of this edict! Have women not been kicking male arse for decades on our screens? Are women not capable of doing what any man can do? In this day and age of pulling triggers and pushing buttons to fire missiles and drop bombs, a feminine finger could wreak as much havoc as a masculine one.

But there have been no protests since this overtly sexist proclamation. Yet again, even in our modern world of gender equality, it is men and boys who will do the fighting and dying and men and boys who will also be blamed for all the fighting and dying.

I noted this article which explained that Ukraine was expecting women to register for military conscription due to the growing threat from Russia, yet despite the feisty rhetoric in this piece, nothing has changed.

Where are all these women? Why were they not ordered to remain in Ukraine alongside the men? Yet again, when the shit hits the fan, it is people with penises who are covered in excrement.



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