New poll results: The decimation of feminism

In January of this year, the Huffington Post crowed that “2014 Was A Great Year For Feminism” but of course, like all feminists, they are liars. According to a new poll, the population of feminists was decimated in the last year – and then some.

Feminists LOVE to use dictionary definitions in their articles about feminism to show the gentle and just plain reasonableness of their vicious, man-hating cult.

So, to make them feel safe and comfortable, I’ll start with a definition of a word, too.

Decimation (Latin: decimatio; decem = “ten”) was a form of military discipline used by senior commanders in the Roman Army to punish units or large groups guilty of capital offences such as mutiny or desertion. The word decimation is derived from Latin meaning “removal of a tenth”. – from the first result when I googled “decimation definition”

Two years ago, in the Spring of 2013, a poll by the Economist/YouGov put the percentage of Americans who call themselves feminists at 28%: Just 28% of Americans consider themselves feminists, with women twice as likely as men to use that label for themselves. 

According to Google, the American population in 2013 was 316.5 million. This means there were roughly 89 million American feminists back then.

Two years later and a new poll is out on feminism:

The poll, conducted by research and communications firm PerryUndem, shows that a strong majority of Americans agree on gender equality. Eighty-five percent, for example, say they believe in “equality for women.”

But many fewer want to put the feminist label on their beliefs. Eighteen percent of poll respondents said they consider themselves feminist. Fifty-two percent said they were not feminist, 26 percent were not sure, and 4 percent refused to answer the question. [Emphasis added.]

Wow – in two years, it seems those Americans calling themselves “Feminist” fell from 28% to a mere 18%, a drop of 10% of the population and about 37% of feminists.

The US Population is now estimated to hit 325 million this year (2015). 18% are still feminist, which equates to 58.5 million feminists.

So, in real terms, feminists have dropped from 89 million to 58.5 million. More than 30 million people mutinied and bolted from feminism in the last 2 years.

Numbers that large can be hard to grasp. So let’s compare:

Suppose every man, woman and child in heavily feminist Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) died overnight. That would be 25.8 million dead, far short of the numbers of defecting American feminists. You would have to add in the slaughter of another feminist Scandinavian state – Minnesota, population 5.5 million – to put you over the top in numbers – barely.

Suppose terrorists killed not just one magazine’s employees but every man, woman and child in France. That would be 65 million dead. The defecting American feminists equal almost half of France!

Suppose the entire population of my huge home state Texas invaded Mexico. The 27 million vacancies left behind still couldn’t hold the 30+ million former US feminists.

About 21 million students are enrolled at US colleges and universities. If every one of them became a feminist they would still fall 9 million short of replacing the feminist defectors.

Feminists have been decimated 4 times over in just 2 years. We are talking Holocaust, Black Plague and Killing Fields as comparable depopulating events.  Not even abortions compare:  the 2 year decline in feminism is equal to about 21 years of abortions.

During the feminist evaporation the media has been particularly cruel to Men’s Humans Rights Advocates and of course, Paul Elam and AVFM in particular. Yet for every scabrous article invented about us, another couple hundred thousand feminists threw up their hands at the lies and confabulations of the media and walked away.

Many of my MGTOW brothers have been skeptical that fighting feminism can make any real progress and have heaped scorn on us for engaging feminism. 30 million former feminists would beg to disagree that fighting feminism is futile.

At their current rate of decline, the last US feminist will check her privilege, hang up her hatred of men, go on a diet and buy a new razor sometime during the year 2019, ironically the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and women’s suffrage – an anniversary that no one except a few on-the-dole trans-exclusive radfems will bother to celebrate.

Now, polls have margins of error and pendulums swing both ways but after a year of furious battles, this bit of fresh news had the writers and editors here dancing at their keyboards.

And feminists do not do well under pressure.

We’ll be keeping it up, grinding away at AVFM, as usual.

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