NCFM advisory to university fraternities

Recently, there were two alleged incidents of sexual assault at Montana State University Bozeman frat houses resulting in the university temporarily suspending both fraternities.

Universities and national fraternities frequently suspend fraternity chapters in similar situations to prevent future allegations and occurrences if indeed there were actual occurrences in the first place, quell public demonization, minimize risks, appease feminists, cower to the onerous oversight of the Federal Department of Education, and above all, protect their funding.

However, simply banning women from the implicated fraternities until investigations were completed and any corrective steps were taken would have protected the rights of all involved without condemning entire fraternities through guilt by association, nor should doing so conflict with the radical feminist ideology which drives related laws, policies, and regulations.

Regardless, many young men and their families have suffered life-altering and pain-filled experiences when as college students the young men became targets of false accusations. Witness the inexcusable harm done to Duke University lacrosse players who had their lives horrifically disrupted by vindictive false rape accusations and vigilante justice.

The National Coalition For Men and affiliated organizations will monitor MSU Bozeman closely, insisting on a fair and thorough investigation and, if necessary, fair judicial process.

New Federal Department of Education directives from the Obama Administration are specifically targeted at men even though many college-age women are sexually aggressive, sexually harass, and sexually assault young men and women on campus.

Unfortunately, these new Department of Education directives expanded the definitions of sexual assault and virtually destroyed due process rights. Male students are presumed guilty and can be labeled sex offender for merely inviting someone on a date. The accused cannot testify, present evidence, be represented by an advocate or attorney, or otherwise defend themselves.

We hope the truth is uncovered about the incidents at MSU Bozeman and any guilty parties, such as culpable men or false accusing women, if applicable, are properly punished and such incidents stop. We also hope the university administration and others refrain from branding the accused as “sex offender” unless the accused men are convicted of these serious allegations.

We encourage the wrongly accused to stand for their rights and sue the university to recover their reputations — many wrongly accused men have been fully vindicated by our legal systems, including the young lacrosse players at Duke and former Xavier point guard Dez Wells who just filed suit against Xavier to regain his reputation after a false accusation of sexual assault.

In 2012, Chris Thompson and the National Coalition for Men established the first officially recognized men’s rights student organization at a state university in the United States, NCFM-MSU Bozeman. His wife Nevada is chapter President. Chris, Nevada, NCFM, and many others are working hard for the equitable treatment of men, men like you …

We encourage you speak out and stand up for your rights. Join NCFM, participate in our MSU Bozeman chapter, and help us make the world a better place for all of us. Please contact Christopher Thompson, PO Box 1504, Bozeman, MT, 59771 – telephone 406-599-0382.

Harry Crouch


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