My name is Jack Barnes and I am a serial rapist

Yes, I am a rapist. By feminist standards, I have been a successful rapist for about 15 years. The following is absolutely and completely true:

I have had sex with a woman after she has consumed alcohol, and so had I. Every woman is a porn star after a few drinks!

I have had sex with a woman without asking her permission. Its a little difficult for a woman to answer while she’s face down in a pillow so I didn’t bother asking.

I have had sex with a woman while she was asleep, although she didn’t stay asleep. I was only planning to be there for five minutes, give me a break.

I have changed positions, orifices and techniques without asking for her permission. Hey, change is good right? While all of my rapes involve penile penetration at some point, that’s not the total scope of my rape ability. I’m a very versatile rapist! I use objects, as well as digital and oral penetration too. Got to keep them guessing as to what is next.

I have even had sex with a woman after she specifically said “NO.” But she didn’t really mean it so its all good.

Most of the time my rapes are nonviolent. But there are those times when a man just needs to show her who is boss. Once I asked her to come into the bedroom for something. I followed (stalked) her into the room. When she walked close to the bed I shoved her face down into the mattress. I held her there with one hand while pulling down her pants with the other. I grabbed a handful of hair, mounted her and took care of business. She was sore for a couple of days but she got over it. I have also found its fun when they struggle. It makes the rape more interesting.

I can’t even begin to tell you the times when I’ve just walked by a woman and copped a feel. Its fun to watch her jump.

I’m not a total asshole to my rape victim. I always have a towel or something ready so she can clean up. Its the little things that make all the difference.

There a few things left on my rapist checklist that I will probably never get to do. I will probably never get to lie to a woman about myself in order to get her in my bed. I only rape a woman that knows me.

I must also admit that I’m very single-minded when it comes to my victims: I only rape my wife.

I have had sex with her after she had been drinking. The reverse is also true.

We never ask each other for permission to do anything sexual. If either one of us followed the “Yes Means Yes” law the other would quickly lose interest.

On a couple of occasions we have woken up in the middle of having sex. Yeah we were having sex in our sleep. Guess she raped me.

Sometimes I’m in control. Sometimes she’s in control. We change positions and techniques regularly like most people do.

When we were younger we would chase each other around the house. Sometimes I chased her. Sometimes she would chase me. We would run around the house laughing and giggling. when she was being chased she would yell “No! No! No!” between giggles and laughs. It was just playful fun.

I only got rough with her once. It wasn’t anything particularly violent. She asked me to do it. I thought I could handle playing that role. I couldn’t. She loved it. But it bothered me. That’s all I have to say about that.

We walked by and pat or grab each other all the time. It’s small displays of affection that make us smile. Its like a hug or a kiss.

There are times that we have that wild freaky sex that would make a prostitute blush. Then there are times when we make the softest most passionate love. The kind that poets have been trying to put into words for thousands of years but can’t seem to get it right. Those are the times that she, actually the both of us, needs something to wipe away the tears.

Your probably thinking that none of this would make me a rapist, that all of this is just normal sexual behavior. Well you would be right and wrong. What I descried is normal sexual behavior especially for a couple who has been together for 16 years. But it also rape according to feminists.

Since the feminist idea that all men are rapists was just not acceptable to people living in reality, they have worked hard to make reality into the fantasy. They couldn’t convince all women that sex was oppression because… well… women like it. So they had to make sex illegal so that the percentage of women with personality disorders and those who shift responsibility for their own actions onto others could claim rape when their feelz told them it was rape. See, the number of convictions didn’t fit their ideology therefore the laws needed to be changed in order to get more convictions.

Sex isn’t politically correct. It isn’t civilized. Sex is primitive. Sex is animalistic. Its the dark side of us let out to play and to play with others we trust. And there’s the key. Trust. If trust is there consent isn’t necessary. A look or a touch is all that’s necessary. As for making love. Well. That isn’t politically correct or civilized either. Its much more. It exists on a different level than political correctness or civilization. Its a spiritual thing. What happens in those instances cannot be put into words. If I knew nothing else about feminism the idea that all heterosexual sex is rape would be enough. There is something wrong with people who believe that I am incapable of sharing a love making experience with my wife. It’s heart breakingly sad and infuriating to the highest degree.

So they call me a rapist. I guess in their minds I am. But ask me if I give a fuck.

Oh and as for my wife? She is a very very happy woman. She just walked into the bedroom carrying a load of folded laundry. Poor thing. I wonder if she knows what’s coming.

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