My Baby? My Choice! (my life)

Skeptorr discovers ground zero in the battle for men’s full rights as human beings, and he is mad as hell and not taking it any more!



I just watched a disturbing video on YouTube made by Thorium, which is a must see! He talks about male reproductive rights, or rather lack of rights and it really made me angry. If you watch the video, then you’ll probably feel the same.

Now usually feminist BS and actions like ShirtStorm, Anita Sarkeesian or even #GamerGate only irritate me to a certain point, but when it comes to this issue it really boils my blood, because this is so far out it’s on the other side of the galaxy. More important and critical.

It’s outrageous that once a woman gets pregnant, she can unilaterally decide if the baby will be born, or not, and she has complete control over her reproductive rights, yet at the very same time robs the would, or wouldn’t be father of his reproductive rights!

It’s a disgraceful heinous fact that a woman can steal a man’s sperm, by lying to him about taking birth control, or even steal sperm from a used condom, with impunity! And have his child without his consent, or the ability to have any say.

It’s a monstrous vile, disgusting, pure evil fact that when a woman robs a man this way, then robs him of the decision to have this baby after getting pregnant, she will also rob his entire life, by making him work day and night to support an unwanted child, and if that’s not enough, she can deny the father to have any contact with that child, if she wishes to.

The fact that women are entitled to commit all these crimes by law, this fact that a man can have his life kidnapped, his most basic freedom robbed from him, become a modern age slave, for life – this fact by itself is a crime against humanity. This crime is worse than rape, much worse than rape, because in the long-term rape has only emotional and mental consequences, while enslaving a man have emotional physical, and financial consequences for the rest of his life. But what is really making it worse than rape, is the fact that rape is considered a crime and a rapist can go to jail, yet robbing men of their reproductive rights, their money, their freedom, is a common practice which is actually sometimes encouraged in public spheres, and the “rapists” here are not scorned or god forbid prosecuted but rather revered by so many. If there’s a rape culture this is it.

It’s no wonder so many men in this situation commit suicide.

And to pour salt on an open bleeding wound, feminists are claiming that women are the ones who get their reproductive rights taken away from them, as if they are the sole victims.

It would be exactly the same I found a girl, shoved her in a dungeon, made her my private slave to take care of me, made her my private sex slave, then go on TV tell all my male friends about it, tell them it’s great and they should do it themselves and then complain that I don’t get the government to give me money for feeding my slave. Which they would eventually pay, using the tax money taken from my woman slave.

A woman that makes a unilateral decision to have a baby, who cheats a man out of his rights, is no better than Josef Fritzl [Austrian man who held his daughter as a sex slave]. She is Josef Fritzl.

Now imagine thousands upon thousands of Fritzles out there doing what Fritzl did and then talking about it casually in the media and even encouraging it. You know that people, men and women, would go ballistic, and burn the streets! And would have their representatives pay dearly if they did not act against this.

Yet we just take it with silence. Except for small protests here and there by MRAs, we are silent. Because we don’t think it can happen to us. Well most women don’t think that they will be raped, yet rape is discussed daily and laws are promoted by everyone, all the time, in every venue.

We need to realize that all the other feminist stuff we protest and mock is dwarfed when it comes to this issue. This is crossing all the red lines! This is war! This is Armageddon! I cannot think of a proper word to stress this enough.

And we allow this thing to happen everywhere on a daily basis. Hell we don’t even think about it because we are so unaware. Not by accident, someone makes sure that we stay unaware.

In all the time that I have protested feminism and talked about men’s rights on occasion, behind a keyboard, this is the first time I feel I cannot take it anymore. This is the first time that I will get off my skinny ass and not just talk about it, I will actively do something about it. From this point I will take action to let my fellow-men know about this disaster. I will ask men and women to join me, and other activists like the MRA’s, to go on an all-out war to ensure that basic fundamental rights of reproduction and financial responsibilities be legalized, to protect men, and also make sure that when a man is robbed of his rights the robber will be held accountable, and penalized if necessary.

Final words.

For full disclosure, even though I know MRA’s and engage with them on occasion, I’ve never identified as one, or considered myself a part of the any men’s rights movement, but in this case I will make an exception. Not to trivialize other basic rights that men don’t have – this issue in my opinion, outweighs them all. Because of the magnitude of damage and destruction it generates.

How many of us never think about this issue or think it’s not important enough? I will tell you who knows about it and has never done anything to change it.


Men’s rights activists and ren’s rights organizations made sure politicians knew, but because we the public do not stand behind MRA’s, politicians continue to ignore and dismiss them.

All the politicians, all our leaders, have failed us. All of them betrayed us, time after time, and we let them get away with it. Leaders like the president of the US, who shamelessly stood in a public forum and openly lied about the wage gap and consequently used this lie  to issue executive orders to give more benefits to protect women’s reproductive rights like paying for their contraceptives, and health services, at the same time men are enslaved on a daily basis, which he completely ignores and dismisses. Politicians like Barak Obama are nothing but traitors to their fellow-men, the worst traitors to their own kind. We must never forget or forgive them for this.

Men, women, if you have any shred of decency, if you have any shred of humanity in you, stop sitting on your asses and do something about it. You need to take action, you must take action.. Start by talking about this with everyone you know, share information with them, and then do something to let your representatives know, not only as individuals but as a unified voice.

You don’t need to be an MRA but we all need to firmly and openly and actively behind them on this one, because they are our front line. They are the ones who fight for us, every day in spite our lack of support, in spite of ourselves.

Now if you please excuse me… I need to go now and find my local men’s rights representative and offer my help. All of you must do the same.

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