Mike Buchanan and Elizabeth Hobson to give talks at the University of Cambridge

I am pleased to announce a new strategy for J4MB, engaging with university students and academics, particularly those studying or teaching subjects close to our mission, such as Politics and History. Universities are the source of so much of the indoctrination of young adults who later (in positions of power and influence) assault the human rights of men and boys – and by extension, women and girls – in so many areas, including the 20 areas in our last election manifesto. The areas include:

Genital mutilation
Reproductive rights
Denial of access to children
Domestic violence
Sexual abuse
Armed forces veterans’ mental health
Suicide (#1 cause of death of men under 45 in the UK, in all age brackets)
Criminal justice system
Paternity fraud
Anonymity for suspected sexual offenders
Divorce settlements
Healthcare provision

In coming weeks and months we’ll be announcing a series of talks at universities, with one or two high-profile Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs), anti-feminists, and others, speaking at each event.

The first event will be held at one of the most prestigious seats of learning in the world, the University of Cambridge. My talk title will be, “Equal Rights for Men and Women”, while Elizabeth Hobson, our Director of Communications, will be talking on “The History of Feminism”. Elizabeth is currently studying for a BA in History and Politics at the Open University.

The venue for our talks will be the Alison Richard Building, the date 24 May. We do not imply an affiliation with the University of Cambridge or any of its departments.

We’re expecting the event to sell out, and will be giving preference to applicants who are students or academics in the subjects of Politics and History. If you wish to have one of the 110 tickets – they’re free – please email me (mike@j4mb.org.uk) detailing why you’d like to attend the event. Thank you.

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