Michael Kimmel. Just another Harvey Weinstein #MeToo

Michael Kimmel, long-time feminist “scholar”, liar and purveyor of all manner of anti-male ideology, has been hit with the accusation that he sexually harassed one of his female students. In a report by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Kimmel’s accuser alleges that he suggested they sleep together six weeks into her graduate studies program.

Ironically, the anonymous female accuser also claimed that Kimmel told her she would have to work harder for equal recognition because she was an attractive woman.

Kimmel denies the accusations, stating “I’ve spent my entire career advocating for gender equality, and believe I have been professional and respectful in my relationships with women.”

Meanwhile, medium.com, a left-wing propaganda website, wasted no time in throwing Kimmel directly under the bus. In a piece titled, “What We Need From Accused Perpetrators Like Michael Kimmel #metoosociology” the standard feminist demand was issued for Kimmel to “Acknowledge and believe the survivor even if their account does not fit with his sense of self.”

That’s feminist codespeak for “Admit you did it, you slimy bastard.”

Of course, whether Kimmel did it or not is now beside the point. He’s been accused. In the world Michael Kimmel worked feverishly to create, that is no different than a guilty verdict in a court of law. This is the moment that destroys him.

Notwithstanding that, the proper thing to do here is to point out that the charges are not proven (and they aren’t), that Kimmel is entitled to due process and the presumption of innocence (which he is) and that despite his longstanding professional efforts to minimize the problem of false allegations, they are a very real thing (and they are). It is proper, also, to question the very foundation of the accusation’s weight; whether asking another adult to sleep with you, if it even happened, is harassment.

Still, the editorial opinion of AVFM is to enjoy the schadenfreude. We know of no one else who deserves the unfair disgrace, the stigma of accusation and its ruinous effects on their lives than this lowlife academic fraud.

Enjoy the level of public attention you’ve always craved, Michael. It’s finally here and it looks damned good on you.

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