MGTOW, fathers, loss and the cycle of grieving

The last thing we should be doing to loving fathers who’ve lost contact with children is saying “they did it to themselves” and that they are always accountable, indeed blameworthy for the result.

YouTuber and Man Going His Own Way Messenger Rising says, “Accountability is a word used in correctional programs for the rehabilitation of criminals or for the rehabilitation of substance abusers and addicts. Acceptance is letting go of denial, anger, bargaining and depression. Adding blame and guilt to a man’s suffering is dangerous and could tip him over the edge. Needs to stop.

N.B. Kübler-Ross’s grief cycle is a guide and should not be interpreted as a rigid process. The model has been challenged by many but still applies here as it’s description of the five stages of grief are clearly evident in many men who’ve suffered the loss of their children. It has been adapted to suit the subject matter in the video. Improved or more insightful information would be very helpful to others and gratefully received.”

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