Men Have Been Psychologically Abused by Feminist Ideology For Decades

Stop asking “Where are the feminists?” They’re where they always were, undermining a sane society.


Let me start with an example of everyday feminism, out of a dozen I could have chosen recently.

A week ago, I watched my friend Mike Buchanan, leader of the UK’s Children and Family Party, discuss proposed measures to counteract so-called misogyny and sexual harassment in Britain. He was one of three invited guests on a public affairs program called Real Britain with host Darren Grimes (the segment in question starts at 1:06:45, though a strong stomach is needed for its dispiriting glimpse into proposed feminist legislation).

The other two guests were both women, one a moderate feminist political commentator, Dominique Samuels—who despite sensible comments mentioned TWICE that she had been catcalled—and the other a doctrinaire feminist author, Amy Nickell.

The particular subject was legislation that has been proposed by two of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s potential replacements to criminalize cat-calling, wolf-whistling, and “down-blousing” (photographing a woman’s cleavage). Only Buchanan dared to say what should be evident to all sane people: that such legislation would be worse than useless, socially divisive, enormously insulting to men, and an instance of egregious state over-reach.

The subject is typical of feminism’s victim focus, which ignores the life difficulties of male Britons in order to emphasize the (often trivial, as in this case) alleged suffering of female Britons at men’s hands. 75% of suicides in the United Kingdom and Ireland are committed by men, with about 84 men killing themselves every week. Men are 95% of the UK prison population, make up 85% of homeless rough sleepers and 77% of alcoholics. Workplace deaths in the United Kingdom are 94% male. All the available data shows boys performing far worse than girls in the UK primary and secondary education systems; at the tertiary level, young men are outnumbered by young women at close to 2-1.

Wouldn’t you think feminists might spend a few days at least pretending to care about men’s issues? Not on your life. They continue to hammer away at male entitlement.

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