What sort of unscrupulous scum makes a living off of offering professional services designed to teach women how to make false allegations of abuse to police, criminal courts and family courts in order to evict their husbands from the family home and gain the upper hand in a divorce? How morally bankrupt do you have to be to encourage and instruct such conduct, intentionally targeting people you know to be innocent, unjustly depriving them of civil rights, property and even causing emotional and psychological harm to their children?

We all know the family court system is a deck stacked against men and their children. A growing number of people are recognizing this, recognizing the damage it is doing, and working toward correcting the problem. But what kind of human being recognizes the bias and pitfalls in the system, and profits from those problems by encouraging criminality?

John Nazarian is such a parasite. Billing himself as the “King of Divorce,” he runs Nazarian & Associates Investigations & Security under a private investigator’s license issued by the State of California. But don’t take my word for it. Here, watch and listen to it come directly from the mouth of King Scumbag himself.

How to ‘Throw Your Husband Out’ DIVORCE from John J Nazarian on Vimeo.

Let’s take a moment to allow you to stop raging and/or vomiting before we continue.

Better now? Good.

Now, the obvious question that comes up first is how do we go about getting the complaints filed with the State of California in order to shred this asshole’s license into pulp, and most certainly we are going to get to that. But I want to pose another question first. What sort of scumbag looks at this kind of person, would size up John Nazarian and figure him to be an asset in their life; BFF material?

Certainly many women at the stage in their marriage where things have gone wrong, when the love they once felt for their husband’s has been replaced by disappointment, bitterness and broken dreams, are prone to this kind of conduct. Women in this position often avail themselves to the services of unprincipled lawyers and state functionaries in order to steal the marital assets and take outright ownership of the children. It’s predictable, even if inexcusable.

But what sort of woman is so depraved that she not only would secure “assistance” from this kind of overrated sneak thief, but would actually consider his lack of character a qualification for rubbing elbows and proud public affiliation?

John Nazarian and Pauley Perrette

Well, of course, it’s Pauley Perrette, the undisputed Queen of Scumbags. And it makes sense, since she is the other person whose obsession with the nefarious use of restraining orders has also earned coverage by this website. Nice picture, eh? The unctuous couple kinda look cute together in a human refuse sort of way.

Nazarian has actually skirted close to the men’s rights community in the past. Here he is in a video featuring Glenn Sacks, which outlines the severity of the false accusation problem in family courts, using the snakelike Nazarian to provide commentary on just how easy it is to profit from coaching criminals. Watch the whole thing, but pay special attention at the 0:40 mark and the 1:27 mark.

John Nazarian’s offices are located in West Toluca Lake, Los Angeles County California, operating under the California Department of Security Services Bureau of Security and Investigative Services License #16365


There are two items in the Code of Ethics for private (and apparently public) dicks in California of interest here, according to the California Association of Licensed Investigators.

Item 4. When soliciting work, member investigators will conduct themselves in an ethical manner and will never misrepresent or disparage any member, in any forum, in order to obtain an assignment or to obtain an unfair advantage during an assignment or while carrying out the duties of the association.

I quit reading at “ethical manner.”

Item 6. Refrain from any conduct which would bring the investigator or the association under reproach.


And here is where to file complaints, which are open to anyone who wants to file them.


It is time to see if the State of California has any interest in individuals who use the licenses they issue to instruct citizens to file false police reports and commit fraud on California courts. 

This information is also available on Nazarian’s  website:


PHONE:   310-286-2017


In case you have not been aware of them, there is a series of articles on this website about NCIS star Pauley Perrette, her use of the legal system and restraining orders to harass and abuse her former husband, Francis Shivers, and the current investigations being conducted into that case. This includes articles about Grand Jury and State Bar complaints naming Nazarian. It is also known that complainants intend to subpoena Nazarian in those cases. It makes me wonder if Mr. Nazarian is aware of these articles. Indeed in light of them I had to laugh when I read him quoted as saying the following:

“I always tell my clients whenever I have the police involved, if you’re lying to me and they pull out a big ugly skeleton, I’m getting up and leaving you there,”


We aren’t the police, but our investigators have found a graveyard full of skeletons in Perrette’s posh Hollywood closet; skeletons that a highfalutin, high profile PI-to-the-stars like Nazarian would have found had he bothered to look. That leaves another question. Now that we have done his job for him, does he plan to hold his number one celebrity client to that standard of honesty? Does he dare get up and leave her there?

AVFM articles on the Pauley Perrette/Francis Shivers case involving John Nazarian.















*Update as of 1/28/2014*: John Nazarian is apparently attempting to hide the evidence, first claiming that this was just for “entertainment,” and then, removing it entirely from YouTube. Unfortunatley for him, that just makes this a bigger news story, and countless YouTubers are now mirroring his video. You ever heard of the Streisand Effect, John?

How to ‘Throw Your Husband Out’ DIVORCE from John J Nazarian on Vimeo.

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