Medical marijuana comes to Minnesota

On July 1, Minnesota became another in a growing list of states to legalize medical marijuana. There are eight dispensaries spread throughout the state and the marijuana is available in pills, oils and vapors. There will be no smoking of the medical marijuana. Minnesota may be the latest state to allow its citizens the opportunity to use medical marijuana for nine medical diseases. It is also the strictest state to be able to get on the list for this purpose. Minnesota is no-nonsense about this matter and it will probably be the costliest when it comes to its medical marijuana. Now with these restrictions and the fact that the patients may have to travel some 150 plus miles to acquire it, doesn’t it make one wonder if it is going to be worth it? There are some problems to fix and take a better look at.

Marijuana for some time has been known to help with the seizures that children may have due to epilepsy. It is sold in oil form and has no THC content. It’s name is Charlotte’s Web and has been doing a great job for those children who can get it. Marijuana has also been able to help with cancer, aids and glaucoma patients.

Is this a big step for Minnesota? Yes, it is and it will get better. When the state realizes exactly what can be done for its people who suffer from the diseases that are outlined then they will open more dispensaries and allow it to be smoked rather than just offered in oil form.

Minnesota looked hard at this decision when the legislature finally passed it last year. For many, this opens up a possibly better way to fight the effects of certain diseases. Does this mean that the fight is over? Unfortunately, no. There are still those who fear that opening up medical marijuana to the public will eventually lead to the legalization of recreational marijuana. Law enforcement is not totally on board with this but will certainly follow the letter of the law if it does occur.

There are many people in Minnesota as well as around the country who are watching the outcome of legalized medical marijuana. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida, please go to and United For Care.

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