Media hatemongers of the #MaleTears hashtag: Larkins Report

We, the Larkins, a group of men and women of differing ethnic and political backgrounds, have been disturbed watching the hatred of boys and men being embraced and celebrated by figures in the media who would never celebrate and laugh at female suffering in the same way.

While so-called “ironic” misandry is already known to be celebrated by notorious bigot Jessica Valenti, who appeared famously in a photo wearing a shirt saying, “I bathe in male tears,” we recently noticed that a #MaleTears hashtag by hateful gender ideologues was not only started but going strong.

We also noted the irony of feminist ideologues who claim that feminism is about breaking out of stereotypical gender roles and telling men they should feel more free to express their emotions and their experiences only to then turn around and mock any men who actually do so, laughing at men who shed tears, as bullies have done to men and boys from time immemorial. Is this defeating the “patriarchy” they so strongly believe is oppressing women?

As if this hypocritical hate-fest was not enough, we also noticed that not only were general users of Twitter participating in this sexist bigotry, but that actual working journalists from mainstream sources were also participating.

As a collective group, we decided to look for media figures involved in this bigotry and expose things they had publicly written to a wider audience, who may not have noticed that they’re reading “reporting” from writers with a bigoted, hateful mindset.

The Larkin Hive is therefore proud to present you its first report: mainstream journalists involved in the #MaleTears festival of cackling at the suffering of anyone with a Y chromosome. Our full information dump will be presented in PDF form at the bottom of this entry. —JL

Named hate-journalists:

Karensa Cadenas: an editor for Snakkle and former editor for Tomorrow magazine. Has written for Bitch magazine, Fiction DB, Forever Young Adult, Ms. magazine, This Was Television, and Women and Hollywood.

Marissa Cetin: has written for Daily Mail Online, The Le Sigh, and Mashable.

Nicole Cliffe: editor of The Toast; writer for The Hairpin, The Awl, McSweeney’s, and The Morning News.

Tara Culp-Ressler: editor at ThinkProgress.

Kavita Dogra: founder of We Talk Women.

Melissa Gira Grant: has written for The New York Times, The Guardian, The Nation, and Salon.

Amanda Hess: works for Slate. Has written for Huffington Post.

Jillian Horowitz: has written for XoJane and Thought Catalog.

Katie Klabusich: appears on Best of the Left podcast; has written for Huffington Post and TruthOut.

Natasha Lennard: part of the Vice news team; also does work for The New Inquiry; sas written for Salon and Democracy Now.

Mallory Ortberg: author for The Toast; has written for The Wire, The Atlantic, The Hairpin, and The Awl.

Ted Scheinman: No list of hateful gender ideologues would be complete without at least one token male feminist consumed with the need to be The One Good Man. Scheinman has written for Slate, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Slant magazine.

Jess Zimmerman: has written for Time, The Guardian, XoJane, Medium, The Hairpin, GlobalPost, and other sources.

To see the complete Larkins information dump showing the blatant bigotry of these “journalists,” see Larkins Report #1: Male Tears (PDF).

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