ManWomanMyth: “Truth, Lies, and the War on Men” – the complete video collection

ManWomanMyth (MWM) was a highly influential British vlogger who published well over 100 videos on his YouTube channel during the 10+ years leading up to 2015, when the channel was taken down. MWM is no longer active, sadly, but we know he’s pleased his work remains valued by MRAs worldwide. Fortunately some MRAs had taken copies of the content before the channel was taken down, which is why they remain available on YouTube and elsewhere to this day.

Individual “mirrors” usually contain some videos which have been pulled for alleged copyright infringements, and none of them have contained all of the output of MWM. The most comprehensive developed to date is (we believe) this, but it excludes five important videos on “misandry and intimacy”. The original posted videos attracted huge numbers of views, the re-posted videos fewer. They deserve many more.

We recently set ourselves the task of putting into a new J4MB playlist all the known output of MWM, and that playlist (114 videos) is here. Most of the videos were drawn from the aforementioned “mirror”. If you know of any videos we’ve missed, please let us know, and we’ll add them immediately. Thank you.

If you haven’t seen any of MWM’s output before, we recommend you start with Female Supremacy (video below). It starts with a clip from a decidedly un-PC Two Ronnies sketch, the likes of which the BBC would never make today. The occasional flashes of humour in the videos are welcome. A video on the iniquity of men and women winning the same prize money at Wimbledon starts with, “Game, Set, and Snatch”.

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