Man – the walking wallet

Usually I don’t have to put up with stupid shit. As most of you now know, I’m very introverted, so my encounters with “the real world” are few; but the last few of weeks have blown my mind, and I’m not even living in a major city center, I live in a “hick” city. This is spurred on by a video the Youtuber Sandman posted, it had a single line in it which was just too much for me to ignore, and I spent the afternoon at work obsessing over the last few weeks. This is  the resulting rant.
I turned up at the flooring shop a couple of weeks ago to grab some supplies, banter with the staff, and make off like a bandit (it was payday). There was this guy at the counter, well-kept younger guy. From what I gathered, he owns a jewelry store, is about to get married, and is about to sign off on flooring bill.
The saleslady dealing with him obligatorily asks, “And you’re sure this is the one you want?”
He responds rather off-handedly, “It’s the one she picked. Whatever makes her happy, right?”
And the saleslady says something like, “It’s usually for the best.”
The female manager couldn’t resist adding her two cents in, “What do they say? Happy wife, happy life.” And he grins ecstatically.
I cannot express enough, the sheer stupidity of this encounter. I was mentally screaming at him, but I could not say a thing, because  my job relies on men like him. Single men and single women, do NOT buy flooring. Married women buy flooring, with the money of these walking wallets. Being a jeweller, he should have seen the irony of his situation; men have no use for jewellery, and single women won’t spend their own money on expensive  jewellery. Jewellers and flooring guys like us would starve if women never got married to blue-pill morons.
Shortly after that, I was working at this older woman’s house; and we were conversing, incidentally, over the Olympics. It may have been a mistake, but it was calculated, and the conversation took the direction of my stating that I was an anti-feminist. As a result, we spent the next twenty minutes shooting down the same tired old arguments about so-called male privilege.
While we came to a reasonable middle ground on the rape issue (she abjectly refuses to believe feminism promotes rape culture, but, she decries the thought of young men being falsely accused and convicted without due process), we never did come to consensus on the wage gap.
She then launched into a story about a couple she knew who bought houses, renovated them, and turned them over for a profit.  The man had some prestigious profession but she couldn’t recall that the woman had a job… she just had the final say on interior decorating.
Look guys, you potential walking wallets, you really need to assess the value of the women you’re gonna marry. It doesn’t matter if you have the money or not; it really doesn’t matter. You can afford to keep her happy but what is she doing for you? What can or will she do for you, that you can NOT do for yourself? I’m talking about YOU spending two-thirds of YOUR net income, to get that value out of her; what is THAT value?
If it’s the sex, then you married a prostitute. If you need to spend money on her to make her wet for you, you need to reassess your pick of bride. If money is what makes her tolerate your flaws , you will be spending money on garbage, for the rest of your… marriage. Afterwards, you’ll be spending money on her lawyer. Marriage, in this day in age, is legitimized prostitution. It’s actually worse. If you demand sex, it’s spousal abuse.  If you withhold sex, it’s spousal abuse. And if she decides you forced her to perform, it becomes marital rape. You’re gonna marry her because she’s sexy? Well sure… for now.
She cooks? What does she cook? I can attest, that it is cheaper, as a single, to eat out for every meal, than it is to have her cook for you. And unless she’s a damn good cook, you will spend the duration of your marriage, LYING about her cooking. They can’t cook!!! Just look in the cupboard, it’s full of pre-fab meals; you can make that crap yourself, just as good, because they all come with instructions on them.
Before third wave feminism, when women bantered, “what’s your recipe?” They really actually meant, “what’s your recipe?” Now when they ask it, they expect you to show them a box or can. And they can’t even be bothered to make sure you’re eating healthy; I wanna tell you a secret: fast food is healthier than most of the crap in the grocery store.
She cleans your house? So you’re gonna marry a maid. You know you can hire maids, fifteen bucks an hour, for three hours, once a week. Unless you’re a real slob, such as myself; then it’s four hours a week. Likely she’s gonna demand you do your share of the housework, even if she chooses to be a housewife, so what’s the point?
You have things in common? You actually think that she’s interested in your hobbies? It’s a dating MO to hijack your hobby, to get you interested in them. Once she has succeeded, she’s gonna dump your hobby like an old tampon, and she will eventually expect you to do so as well. The goal is that you shouldn’t need anything else but her, you should spend more attention on her, she has needs didn’t you know about. Your needs will revolve around what she thinks she need – end of story.
She’s pretty and brings warmth to your home? Dolls are pretty, and you can buy a fine doll for the expected price of an engagement ring; and it’s a one time payment, not a down payment on a lifelong promise to spreading your wallet.
Now look guys, if your answer to any real or imagined relationship problem, is to reach for your credit card, you really need to assess the value what you’re purchasing.
That’s the real issue; you’re opening your wallet, why are you opening your wallet? You bought her a house, demand she pay her half of the mortgage, or you sell it. You bought her a car, demand she make up half the payment, or you sell it. Better yet, covertly bank half your check, and see how long she makes due with the half you have to offer. Will she step up, put up, or fuck off? Learn to say no, tell her to buy it herself. You have no use for flowers, flowers die. Why buy her flowers? Buy her seeds and gardening gloves and tell her to work for her flowers.
Marriage is supposed to be a partnership. That means both parties have expected value, with expected separation equity; the one who puts in more, gets more out. You are opening your wallet at her bequest; do you really think anything will go back into that wallet when the marriage falls apart? Close your wallet.
I’ve seen more newlyweds fall apart over building brand new houses, than I have over boozing. Something is wrong with that reality.

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