Major Christian “Kit” Martin is acquitted of child sex abuse

U.S. Army Major Christian “Kit” Martin is Acquitted of Child Sex Abuse Charges at Fort Campbell Court-Martial – Million Dollar Plus Persecution Effort by Corrupt JAG, Only Results in Misdemeanor Convictions. PE

In an update of a story we have brought to you here and extensively covered by the National Coalition for Men, Decorated U.S. Army Apache Helicopter Pilot, and Iraq combat veteran, Major Christian “Kit” Martin of the famed and historic 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell Kentucky has been acquitted of all invented and manufactured child abuse sex-related charges in court-martial that concluded on Friday, May 13, 2016.

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Major Christian “Kit” Martin

The National Coalition for Men has recently reported that Major Martin was convicted of two counts of simple assault and two counts of mishandling classified information.

In the NCFM post, they reported on the extreme efforts that corrupt Fort Campbell JAG prosecutors, Major Jacob Bashore and Major James Garrett pulled every sneaky and sleazy legal trick and maneuver out of their “convict by any means necessary” playbook. They also posted a litany of facts and evidence that was kept from the eyes and ears of the courts-martial (jury) panel. Please go the NCFM post and related articles which contains a very detailed listing of things that were kept out of the proceedings.

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Joan Harmon-Guerra

What is very telling, is that Bashore and Garrett in a last second effort to save their case pulled out a dirty little trick. Moments before the court-martial was to begin on Monday, May 9th; they dropped all sex-related charges pertaining to Major Martin’s primary false accuser; his convicted felon, bigamist, sociopathic lying ex-wife; Joan Harmon-Guerra.

By dropping all charges pertaining to Harmon-Guerra, the JAG prosecutors tactically prevented the introduction of her vast three-decade-plus history of frauds, false allegations, abuse, coaching her kids to lie under oath, and assorted state and federal crimes.

So ferocious was the determination to convict Major Martin of “something,” that corrupt prosecutors Bashore and Garrett made a spectacle of themselves in court; objecting to the majority of facts and evidence that Major Martin’s civilian defense counsel; R. Tucker Richardson and James Phillips, attempted to introduce, and sought to mislead the panel, that court watchers reported that even some of the panel members turned their heads, and raised their eyebrows in disbelief. What was also very troubling, was the fact that the judge; Colonel Michael Hargis allowed the prosecutors to get away with it.

James Phillips
James Phillips
R. Tucker Richardson
R. Tucker Richardson

Consequently, the jury only heard a smidgen of the history of Harmon-Guerra and her attempts to destroy Major Martin by inventing salacious sexual misconduct allegations including related allegations against her three kids from two different fathers.

The jury was not able to see a 2012 video from Christian County Court where Harmon-Guerra petitioned for a restraining order against Major Martin, where testimony was presented that when Harmon-Guerra; upon being told by Major Martin that he wanted a divorce, proclaimed;

“If you divorce me, I will ruin your life; I know how to do it.”

To the many U.S. servicemen who visit this site, let those words sink in. This kind of fiasco; a million dollar plus tax payer funded persecution to any and all who are simply accused of domestic violence or sexual misconduct is awaiting you. This is evident in the last 7 ½ years where allegations of DV or sex assault in the military will result in a court-martial, regardless of truth or validity. Conviction is the goal, by any and all means, expense and effort will be employed to achieve that goal.

One allegation from a vindictive soon to be ex-wife being asked for a divorce, or one phone call from an angry girlfriend who gets dumped by a serviceman, is all that is needed to set in motion the full military machine; complete with a small army of lawyers, advocates, government paid hack experts who will employ all kinds of “counter-intuitive” slash, psycho-babble bullshit, hypnotists, tarot card readers and a host of others to ensure a conviction. What will the military try to squeeze in next; testimony from a VooDoo High Priestess to try to convict?

What the jury was also prevented from seeing in that video, was testimony from a Kentucky Legal Aid attorney who just happened to be in the hallway, just outside of that courtroom who was there on an unrelated matter. This legal-aid attorney overheard Joan Harmon-Guerra’s kids in a nearby waiting room, discussing their testimony. That was substantiated by another witness who testified hearing the kids stating things such as “we have to get our stories straight,” “this is what mom wants us to say,” and various similar statements.

Christian County Family Court Judge Jason Fleming denied Harmon-Guerra’s restraining order petition declaring that Harmon-Guerra was “not credible” and that she was guilty of witness tampering by coaching her kids to lie on the stand.

Here is one very good thing that should cause all readers to shout out a very loud,,,,,

“Ha… Ha-Ha… Ha. Ha. Ha!!!!!”

Since Major Martin WAS NOT convicted of any child sex offense, and corrupt rocket-scientist prosecutors Bashore and Garrett dropped all sex-related charges pertaining to sociopathic liar Harmon-Guerra, she lost out on over 250K in transitional compensation benefits over the next five years.

Harmon-Guerra’s tax payer funded lottery ticket was just made null and void.

Let’s all shout that out again so they can all hear it in Kentucky.

“Ha… Ha-Ha… Ha. Ha. Ha!!!!!”

Perhaps, this laugh would be more appropriate.

Despite being acquitted of any felony, Major Martin was sentenced to three months confinement, a loss of retirement benefits and a dishonorable discharge. As of now, that confinement will be at Leavenworth unless there is a last-minute change.

To show the callousness and vindictiveness of the corrupt prosecutor. Major Jacob Bashore, who by the way, was the same prosecutor who persecuted another innocent soldier, Army Special Forces Sergeant First Class Kelly Stewart and the subject of the book “Three Days in August,”  by investigative reporter Bob McCarty, slid lower than whale shit.

During the very contentious and argumentative sentencing hearing on Saturday, May 14th, the corrupt Bashore argued feverously for a sentence of five years in Leavenworth, even though under the provisions of the Uniform Military Code of Justice (UCMJ) only calls for a penalty of no more than 180 days in confinement. Major Martin only got 90 days, but it was a little different from what Bashore was initially seeking; 58 YEARS.

The despicable Bashore and the buffoonish Garrett were not yet finished demonstrating their reprehensible conduct. As things got heated and in a blistering and desperate insult, they blurted out some very private, personal and sensitive information concerning the family of Major Martin’s fiancé, causing those in the courtroom to gasp in horror.

We have not heard from Major Martin’s fiancé or family on this issue, but we would assume that the lawyers are lining up right now to sue the Army, and Majors Bashore and Garrett, personally for this intentional and outright violation of the Privacy Act of 1974. We hope that the result will be that Bashore and Garrett serve 58 years in Leavenworth and are left penniless, just as they tried to inflict on Major Martin.

The vindictiveness of Bashore was still not over after the sentencing hearing.

On a day which should have been a celebration, was a day of sadness for Major Martin’s entire family. At the conclusion of the hearing, he was ordered into custody and was to be transferred to a local facility pending transfer to Leavenworth.

The celebration that the Martin family was supposed to enjoy was the wedding of Major Martin’s daughter. At nearly the precise moment that his daughter was walking down the aisle, WITHOUT her father by her side; a once in a lifetime moment, Major Martin was probably riding in a jail van, dressed in a jumpsuit and on his way to a local lock-up.

YOU,,,, MAJOR BASHORE,,,, and we know you will be reading this, are the lowest form of despicable excrement in the Army, an embarrassment to all who serve proudly with courage and honor.  You robbed Major Martin of his dignity, and freedom based on the delusional claims of a proven sociopathic liar and for you own self-serving interests, but you also robbed an innocent young woman of a once in a lifetime and touching moment. We would like to say shame on you, but do it in a most expletive-filled manner that we really can’t put in print.

Question:  Can you Identify Major Jacob Bashore?

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If you answered, all of the above, you would be correct.

In a very rare move, retired Major Glenn McDonald, Editor of Military Corruption dot-com, in his coverage of Major Martin’s story has placed Major Jacob Bashore on his infamous “Hall of Shame.” Please feel free to go to the site and review the related articles.

It would seem as though Bashore’s vindictive actions are most likely due to the fact that his name has been plastered all over the Internet from multiple sources and in books as the epitome and poster child of the self-serving, politically correct, black-hearted prosecutor who is fully willing and prepared to do the bidding of the rape hysterics. Truly a corrupt prosecutor who is void of ethics, conscience, and who is a disgrace to the military and legal profession.

So dear readers, after reading and absorbing all of the multiple and epic material concerning Major Bashore; where do you think he belongs?

  1. A military courtroom, or
  2. Disbarred and in solitary confinement at Leavenworth???

The non-profit, “Save our Heroes,” has re-posted the latest NCFM article and in less than 18 hours, had over 8,000 views. Military Corruption dot-com, just with its last two articles about Major Martin’s case has received over 300,000 views in just over 48 hours, including more than 50 from dot House IP addresses, so it would seem that folks are reading and are reaching out to their elected representatives.

Although this was a tremendous outcome for Major Martin and his family, he still was convicted of misdemeanors as the defense was hampered at every juncture.

His family is thankful that he is not spending the rest of his days behind bars for crimes that he did not commit. But are also very disappointed that a stellar and distinguished career has been left in shatters by a sociopathic lying ex, and a military IN-justice system that by design seeks out to convict any and all allegations of this nature, even in cases, such as this one, where it is known by everyone that the allegations are simply not true.

This is a purging of our male service members. Perhaps, we should all call on our elected representatives to purge the cowardly commanders who facilitate these injustices as well as their lackey JAG prosecutors who carry them out.

There is one thing that Bashore and Garrett were successful at. They are successful at igniting the fire in the bellies of supporters, advocates, families and others to use this case example as a catalyst for reform.

Although this a partial victory for Major Martin and a partial loss, it could have been much worse. The bigger picture and the bigger problem, and what one has to consider is that this kind of persecution is not unusual; in fact, it is the norm; it is standing operating procedure (SOP). That sort of abuse is so endemic and systematic; it appears to be viewed as normal.

The hysterical screeches, screams, and demands by the likes of the Gillibrands’ and McCaskills’ for more and more convictions, convictions, convictions, are missing the most important element and something that we will never hear from their mouths. How about we determine whether or not an actual crime has been committed first before we start pounding our shoes on the desk in a demand for more convictions? Yeah, I thought so. That little thing is absent from the polluted and diseased gray matter in their craniums.

Even though Major Martin had competent legal counsel in the form of Mr. Richardson and Mr. Phillips, the legal shenanigans and wrangling employed by JAG prosecutors left them little room to get the truth out, and to the eyes and ears of the jury.

One can only wonder of the injustices that are inflicted upon those male service members of lower rank who do not have the support mechanisms and financial resources to adequately defend themselves. If this is any example, our military correctional facilities must be brimming with the wrongly convicted.

Perhaps a Revolution against this witch hunt is in order?

Publishers note: Please help support Major Martin’s family during this very difficult time. PE

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