Liquored enough to mentally lick’r…

Three stiff ones later… she’s still got one up on me…

Ok, Bree Olson. If you don’t know her, fuck off! Have you any idea how much toilet paper I’ve… ahem. She’s a porn star of very high caliber. Her career was short but packed, uhh… ahem. She’s short, well built, and has nice feet; gawd… no, I CAN finish this…

She’s put out a video recently, to tug at our heart strings. Her complaint is, that now that she’s retired from porn she can’t find a job because of moral reasons. Complete with no professional make-up on. Well it worked, Angry Foreigner, a Swede who has put out many respectable videos about feminism and the Muslim takeover of Sweden, has jumped into the Moral Morass, mmmm more ass… he thinks this woman should be respected. He thinks porn stars should be respected; and to THAT, I will agree with him, porn stardom is a service, it’s a comfort I enjoy… liberally… enthusiastically… shamelessly. Angry Foreigner spent 12 minutes raging morally about how this woman was wronged, and how the comments to her video are wrong.

Angry Foreigner… and any other fucking geek with a knee-jerk hard-on… you are wrong!

Bree Olson is not broke, she’s not desperate for work, and she is not yet past her prime. She is worth more than $5 million; she will get royalties for the rest of her life because she was more than a porn star, she was the idyllic porn star, petite plump juicy and wantonly energetic. And she is still desirable enough to stay in the business.

Though I’ll grant that her prime is waning fast now.

She is a woman with a mission, an ideological mission. She is trying to get the business destroyed. Why? Well, not because of anything to do with the business itself, but because of how society morally treats porn stars.

Ahem… her grandparents were Ukranian concentration camp survivors; however, she’s a Texan. Quadruple facepalm. The one state where both oral and anal sex is FUCKING ILLEGAL!!! Oh, mah Gawd…

Butt… let’s put that aside for a moment. Given the current legal climate of her-ass-meant laws, she’s a walking lawsuit looking for a place to happen. That alone compels me to agree with the supposed employers she’s apparently been rebuffed by. There’s no man in North America who doesn’t know who she is, and this creates an automatic sexual tension; whether willful or not, it’s there.

Is she a feminist? Don’t know, don’t care.

I’m more interested in whether the jobs she’s supposedly applying for, are in the private sector, or the public sector. If those jobs are in the public sector, then she has a case, and can go through legal means to receive justice. However, I think she may be dealing with private jobs, in which case she’s shit out of luck. Private business’ are not obligated to view potential employees through the lens of equality; nor should they be. Public jobs, however, are bound to uphold the constitution. Seen in this context, her video is meaningless babble.

Put bluntly; she is just another Anita Sarkesian.

To compound matters, she is a college drop-out. She claims that she had meant to stay in college during her career. However, when her grades started dropping, as women are wont to do, she fucking QUIT!!! She has NOTHING!!! She IS nothing. And she’s wanking about what??? SHE… wants respect for her shitty choices. She could have been a doctor.

There are countless porn stars out there, who got into the business for specific reasons, who planned their retirement, who retired on schedule, and don’t wank on about how their life is fucked.

Do NOT fall for her emotional plea. She is not hurting, not yet. And as much as it pains me, I won’t be oogling her anymore. I still got Mandy Dee.

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