Letter to the Queen of England on behalf of males

Over the past 6 years or so, I have been closely working with two families in Ontario, Canada where the father in each case has been maliciously prosecuted on the mere words of the disgruntled daughter.  

These two men are known as “Lone Wolf” and “Maximus Ferox.”

There was absolutely no evidence in either case.  None. I am not permitted to publish the names of the alleged perpetrators, or the alleged victims, due to a publication ban.  Consequently I had to cross out the names of the two victims within the letter I have written to the Queen of England for publication at large.  When I say victims, I do mean the fathers, as they and their families are the true victims.

False allegations are very near to me as I came very close to being jailed for a false sexual allegation concocted by my ex wife and aided by her sister and family.  When I see these men, fathers, taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs, I see myself in their shoes.  It is a feeling so deep, that it leaves me feeling numb and shocked as chills run throughout my body realizing how close I came to that exact end.  These chills then quickly turn to energy that drives me to work hard, fighting vehemently to stop this tyrannical madness against men. The worst thing we can do is to remain silent.  That is exactly what the establishment wants: men to suffer in silence.  They want to be able to execute their power exacting a heavy blow against innocent men.

In the case against Lone Wolf, his aboriginal name, a senior Crown Attorney pulled him into a room at the courthouse and privately told him, “I know you are innocent.  I sat through your entire trial.  I know she is lying.  I can not hang for you to go against another Crown.  I am sorry.”  And he walked out leaving Lone Wolf alone in the room adjacent to the courtroom he was being sentenced in.

I can not stress enough how important it is to be audio recording all the time when in these predicaments.  Had he been recording, he would be a free man today.  The person with the running recorder had just stepped into the bathroom.  Now alone, the senior Crown Attorney attempted to clean his conscience, knowing an innocent man had been wrongly convicted.

Understandably, these men being maliciously prosecuted are nervous and scared.  They often believe that by complying with the desires of the establishment, their situation will resolve to the better.  This time and time again has been proven to be a fatal mistake. It does not get better.  It does not resolve itself.  In fact it enables these tyrants to continue doing what they do with impunity, with anonymity and in secrecy.  We must break the silence!

“We must break the silence!”

Exhausting all other avenues, I chose to write a letter to the Queen of England, as she is the Most High in Canada.  That is why we refer to the prosecutor as “the Crown” or occasionally those work in it as “Crown.”

This letter is also being shared with all the Members of Parliament in Canada and all the Members of the Provincial Parliament in Ontario.  It is also being copied to the Pope, the Prime Mister of Canada, Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing and to Monsignor Imre Kozma.  We must disseminate to the world for all to know what crimes are being committed against the good citizens of Canada–a set of crimes increasingly spreading beyond Canada and throughout the world.  The time has come for men to stand up and loud that we are not capitulating to the abuse of males any longer.  

The time has also come for more women to support their men and speak in outrage to their abuse.  Enough is enough.  The abuse stops here and it stops now! Please take a moment by clicking here to express your concern and outrage to our Prime Minster of Canada that malicious prosecution of men is prevalent and unacceptable abuse of our Criminal Judicial system, designed to keep the Queen’s Peace, not to disturb it at the expense of usually males.  Be sure your letter is free of profanity and written in a diplomatic respectful manner, please.

My letter to The Queen follows:

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Attila L. Vinczer, to ER, Her Majesty the Queen October 26, 2013 Her Majesty the Queen Buckingham Palace London, England SW1A 1AA

Your Majesty: As a Canadian Citizen, I am impelled to bring to your urgent attention, matters of grave concern that is systematically ravaging Canadians throughout this land. A condition that exists within all the Commonwealth Nations. Please allow me to explain, Your Royal Majesty.

Over the centuries, many regimes have attempted to undermine and destroy our freedoms and democracies. Arguably, it was the family, the fundamental essence of a nation, that was under attack. Those attacks were gallantly fought off by loyal soldiers to ensure the sanctity of our family’s freedoms and democratic way of life was preserved. Many of those soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice, thereby giving us the safety of life over their own.

Before I delve into these matters of grave concern, not to be remiss, it gives me a great deal of pleasure to congratulate you on your newest member of the Royal Family, Prince George and his recent Christening. Undoubtedly, there is no other greater gift, than the gift of life, the makeup of families and indeed our nations.

I am a 49 year old single father of two wonderful boys. It was my own family turmoil that led to a deeper desire to help my fellow man as I was astounded to see the state of affairs our families are in. Since my early twenties, I have always been benevolent, especially towards children. Perhaps it was my own father who bestowed this wondrous trait upon me.

Peter Vinczer, my 76 year old father, has been on his own since the age of 14 as the iron curtain came between his family and his father. He co-founded with Monsignor Imre Kozma, the Canadian Maltese Charitable Services trust 18 years ago. It is here and within many other organization I continue thriving my benevolent endeavours helping my fellow man.

Recently the Order of Malta celebrated 900 years of existence at the Vatican. His Most Eminent Highness Fra’ Matthew Festing, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, Most Humble Guardian of the Poor of Jesus Christ, bestowed the honour to lead a delegation of 5,000 Maltese Knights to Monsignor Imre Kozma of Hungary. The Hungarian Chapter is the most active of all, with a yearly budget of $300 million Euros, by donations alone. Our motto is, “Tuitio fidei et obsequium pauperum.”

While I digressed slightly to shed light on whence I come to beseech your much needed help, Your Majesty, I respectfully draw attention to our families who are currently under certain attack. Over 50% of families end up broken in divorce. Children’s mothers and fathers are torn apart. Family court aided by lawyers, police, mostly unregistered child protection workers, physicians, foster homes, educators, government, women’s shelters and countless lobby groups all attribute in varying degrees to ravaging loving families.

This leads to traumatized children as they endure the pain of watching their mother and father torn apart. Moreover, in Canada 8 men and 2 women will commit suicide each and every day as the ravages of divorce and broken homes becomes unbearable. Crushed and broken, extinguishing one’s own life becomes the only viable means to stop the anguish, adversity and complete and utter despair. Children are left in the dark shadows of this destruction. We must take better care of our children, our very future.

Regrettably, I am further impelled to inform you that our laws, designed to keep the Queen’s Peace are being surreptitiously and deliberately perverted for ulterior motives in alarmingly vast cases brought before the courts. Innocent men and even boys as young as 12 are being maliciously prosecuted under the Criminal Code of Canada by unscrupulous vexatious allegations with often not much more than the mere hearsay of the accuser. This is akin to the witch hunts in Salem an act that was eventually deemed as a gross miscarriage of justice.

Within the organizations I work, such as Canada Court Watch and A Voice for Men, we have documented hundreds of cases of judicial abuse that is harming families. Unregistered Children’s Aid Workers, unlawfully practising social work, who refuse to register are known to produce perjured affidavits. Police officers are mandated to arrest the male in Domestic Violence Calls despite the fact that Domestic Violence is roughly equal between men and women.  Prosecutors turn a blind eye, freely pushing for convictions and failing to adhere to the principals of fundamental justice they are sworn to uphold in the general interest of the public.

Many times the male will get arrested even though the male called police for help. Children are removed by Children’s Aid Workers from parents for absolutely no reason. Some of these children are abused in care while other children sadly succumb to the abuse.

Ex parte restraining orders are issued without just cause and without proper judicial examination usually against husbands and fathers. Consequently fathers are being removed from their homes without just cause at an alarming rate, literally tossed to the curb. Children are growing up without their fathers. Within schools, children as young as 12, most often boys, are arrested for normal incidents of child play and by false or misleading allegations.

The aforementioned is just a minor sampling of what is going on in Canada today, and in fact within all the Commonwealth Countries and other nations.

Your Majesty, the most disturbingly egregious circumstance is the vast number of innocent men who are maliciously prosecuted and consequently incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. Recently, William Mullins-Johnson was freed by AIDWYC, Aid In Defence of the Wrongly Convicted. An innocent man who spent 12.5 years behind bars for the murder of his niece that he did not commit. In fact there was no murder as the child died of natural causes. The Government of Ontario paid him $4.25 million dollars of compensation for his wrongful conviction and incarceration. There are far too many other such cases that effect horrible conditions on families, but none more then the men they maliciously target.

Over the past two years I have closely worked with two such families where the father was prosecuted for crimes they did not commit. In both cases, there was no evidence and the Crown’s case was built strictly on hearsay. Xx Xxxxx, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. A husband and father to six children. On Monday, October 28, 2013 another innocent man, Xxxx Xxxxxxx, son of Xxxx Xxxxxxx a decorated war vet, will be sentenced to an expected 10-12 years for crimes he did not commit. A husband and a father to 4 children.

Such malicious prosecutions lead to terrible devastation of families leaving the very fabric of society in tatters. These are the men who have and would again fight gallantly to preserve our freedoms and democracy, protecting our families, our nation. If we so destroy our men, who I ask will be left to preserve our freedoms and democracy, we far too often take for granted? Sadly there appears to be a war festering within our nation against the male population. As I mentioned, in Canada 8 men and 2 women will commit suicide each and every day as they are literally driven to their ropes end by the devastation of divorce and family breakdown. Divorced men are 8 times as likely to take their own life than a woman in the general population. This is telling of how dire the situation is, particularly for our men and boys.

We have sought your help in the past for Maurice Conway, a war veteran who was raped. The woman that raped him managed to go before the Ontario courts and obtain a child support order for a baby that she conceived by the criminal act of raping a man. There was not enough money left over from his military pension for the basic needs of life. The courts eventually capitulated quashing the child support order when they realized what had been done and that your Highness was made aware of the miscarriage of justice.

Indeed, I am sure many seek your help and have done so for hundreds of years before you. This time it is our fathers, brothers, uncles, sons and grandfathers who collectively seek your Majesty’s help. It would appear that while the courts are doing a good job in many cases, there is grave concern about malicious prosecution based on vexatious false allegations of rape, Domestic Violence and other sexually related allegations. They are used to get a leg up in divorce court against men. They are used to inflict vengeance against a boyfriend, a father, a husband or against seemingly any man by women who cry wolf. It is concerning that those women who are real victims of these horrible crimes, may not be taken seriously given the vast number of false allegations.

I have discovered that the Royal Family are Honorary Members of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Within the Criminal Court it is the Crown that prosecutes citizens brought before the courts. Regrettably, the act of malicious prosecution undermines the good name of the Royal Family putting our judicial system in serious disrepute and tarnishing the Royal Family’s good reputation. My own 12 year old son was subject to this tyranny earlier this year based on fabrications by a school principal. The Crown prosecutor refused to withdraw the charge laid against my son until I made it patently clear I would make the matter public.

My eyes were opened up to the injustices within Family and Criminal Court 7 years ago when I too was subjected to a very serious false sexual allegation in Family Court. Were it not for the very good advice of a retired police officer to tape record everything, I too would be in jail today had I not captured the plot on my voice recorder.

Over the years I have helped and worked with hundreds of people who are being slighted by the courts. It is having a devastating effect on our families. I am unable to turn a blind eye to this, as my fellow man is being grossly harmed by egregious judicial acts. Innocent men sent to jail every day. I am unable to rest easy knowing this terrible condition continues unabated.

True to the moto of the Order of Malta, “Always on the side of the needy.” I am doing what I can to help my fellow man, but I am unable to help enough as I am only one man. We desperately beseech your assistance to ensure that the Criminal Courts and all those within our judicial realm actually keep the Queen’s peace and not disturb it. We seek your help to ensure that nobody is maliciously prosecuted and to ensure that all Canadians can live in peace and harmony in a free and democratic land of Canada.

I respectfully and humbly ask that you write to the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper that he would carefully review the concerns I have brought before your Majesty the Queen of England and encourage him to take what ever steps needed to stop the abuse within our judicial system.

“Long live the Queen” and “Long live the Royal Family.”

Respectfully yours,

The Canadian Maltese Charitable Service Trust


Attila L. Vinczer



cc  pope Francis, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing, Monsignor Imre Kozma

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