Let’s enable Jon Baily to attend ICMI19, Chicago

Jon Bailey, along with his 16-year-old son, attended the talks by Elizabeth Hobson and myself at Cambridge University recently. Blog pieces and videos relating to those talks here.

After the talks, Jon and his son passed by a number of the protesters. Jon had a liquid thrown over him, and both he and his son were assaulted by the protesters. Jon estimated that one of the men who assaulted his son was 6’4” tall.

The Tab, a student newspaper, posted a two second long video clip purporting to portray Jon as violent, while in fact he was instinctively reacting to the woman who’d thrown liquid over him. For all he knew, the liquid could have been acid. There’s an excellent account of the incident in a video on the website of The Glass Blind Spot. It includes the audio recording of the incident, and the time before and after, taken by Jon (he’d forgotten to switch the device off after the talks).

Jon recently gave a detailed account of the matter on Honey Badger Radio  (audio, 57:15). Skip to 1:24, before that the host, Brian Martinez, is sorting out technical issues.

It would have been easy for Jon to maintain a low profile after he and his son were assaulted. Predictably, the police declined to arrest the group of protesters containing the assailants, and are taking no action.

But Jon is clearly made of the right stuff, and agreed to be named, and to speak publicly about what really happened to him and his son that day. He has said (in his Honey Badger Radio interview) that the incidents that day incline him to become more active with respect to men’s rights.

We think Jon deserves some recognition for what he’s been through, and what he’s done subsequently, so we appeal to you to contribute to this fundraiser, to fund Jon’s attendance at the next International Conference on Men’s Issues, in Chicago, in eight weeks’ time. The organizers have generously offered a heavily discounted ticket.

Please donate what you can. On behalf of Jon, his son, and myself, thank you.

Mike Buchanan

(and the women who love them)


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