Labyrinth, the Goblin King, and the “patriarchal” truth

I’ve licked at the red pill for many years; and in that time, I’ve met various people with various reasons to attempt to sustain themselves on blue pill mantra, that is, tradconism. With so many people believing that they are individuals, while being the same; it’s little wonder I came to the conclusion in my mid-twenties that we’re all just cogs.

When you break things down to the bare essentials, stripped of the trappings of civilization which we take for granted, what are we to each other but mere animals? I’ve had arguments over the necessity of basic shit shoveler trades; most arguments run along the lines of, “grunt work is no longer essential, most of us work in offices now,” to which I have to answer, “I’m rather partial to wiping my ass with soft paper and flushing it away, aren’t you?”

“The Patriarchy” doesn’t answer the questions essential to civilization. Currently, those who are rich, and/or have power, are just pencil pushers, money shufflers, panderers of female ego, and general scoundrels. To say I hate money, is an understatement of exponential orders of magnitude to the nth power… squared. Most people look around and see those big buildings and think, “wealth.” I see a service industry. Service industries don’t generate wealth, they require monetary input, by those who actually make wealth. The industrial and manufacturing economy doesn’t require service; at least, not the services being brazenly advertized on every street corner and magazine. Evil tycoons who have the audacity to create shit-shoveler jobs by the thousands to assign to men, so wives can make use of the meaningless service industry; how dare they, and how dare they ask for tax breaks, and how dare they have no upper limit on their wealth generation To the liberals and feminists… fuck you, just… fuck you!!!

There are two movies I watched as a barely pubescent boy, which got me licking the red pill for the better part of twenty years, while wishing desperately for the blue pill to take root, good and proper; funny how shit doesn’t go according to plan. The first movie was Three Men and a Baby, the second – which brought about this topic – was Labyrinth.

Labyrinth is a fascinating watch. A quick run down goes as such: Upper middle class Princess Sarah has to babysit her baby brother, who is crying while she’s trying to do her own thing. In a fit of pique, she calls on the Goblin King (Jareth) to take him away. The crying stops but, bereft and lonely and not knowing what she’ll say to her parents, she follows the Jareth to the Goblin Kingdom, where he gives her 13 hours to reach his castle or the child is his. Through all manner of obstacles of God’s hellish acre, she befriends some… weirdos (two of whom I can relate to), makes bad choices (as if weirdo friends weren’t bad enough), and then lays siege on the fortifications of the Goblin City:

No matter what way you slice it, the more I hearken back to this movie, the more I’m reminded of all those people I’ve met, who thought their women were “mysterious,” and made their relationships difficult because… reasons. Here, in this movie, you see a girl experiencing 13 hours of what amounts to female logic, something many male spouses have to navigate regularly.

The crowning moment of the movie is really rather charming, because it sums up “The Patriarchy” really rather well:

“Patriarchy,” or tradconism, exists solely for the benefit of women, especially women with children. Feminism, made the same mistake Sarah did, “you have no power over me.” They were right, Patriarchy never did, the Goblin King explained it so well! “I do all these things for you, your dreams are at my fingertips, I ask only that you acknowledge my greatness, and I will be your slave!”

The adventure ends, the Owl flies out the window, Baby is in his crib. At this point, red pill Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) mentality shifts into overdrive. Ignore for a moment that she has parents; she’s alone, with a baby, in a house which she can scarcely afford, her dreams vanished with Jareth the Goblin King, which was her choice.

GASP!!! But, she’s upper middle class with all the trappings of civilization like… parents. It’s a pity the child is her brother rather than her son, my plinko chatter of logic would follow better. She has people who will ensure she’s cared for, despite what she’s done. So what does she do after all that?

She has a party in her bedroom, with all her weirdo friends. Gosh, this sounds like… this IS fiction… right?! The Owl is outside looking in, watches for a moment, then flies off; what can one say to such lack of responsibility?

The fantasy of self-governance is over. The princesses are all grown up, and media, feminists and women everywhere are whining, “Oh woe is me, where have all the good men gone?” Well… there are a few-fan made trailers to hypothetical sequels, but I like this one:

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