Keith Ellison, Officer Mohamed Noor and the automatic outgroup derogation of men

I concluded last year’s series, “There’s a flaw in all men, we’re doomed; only women can save the day” with an an appeal for Officer Mohamed Noor’s humanity, and a request that men rally in hopes he get a fair trial.

Officer Noor has been charged with both murder and manslaughter. The death of Justine Damond is the most vigorously prosecuted case of any police officer in Minnesota history, possibly in the history of the United States, maybe even the world.

Hennepin County Attorney, Mike Freeman received criticism at an AFL-CIO event that he was hoping to have charges under the tree for Christmas. In 2017, the year of the shooting, Freeman was elected the President of the National District Attorneys Association. He lists this among his 2017 highlights along with prosecuting the racists who brought guns to the 4th Precinct Takeover following the police shooting death of Jamar Clarke.

Freeman later apologized to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, but not to Officer Noor, for offering charges as a Christmas gift.  Officer Noor is Muslim and does not celebrate Christmas.

Keith Ellison is the first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. Congress, and the first African American Congressman to be elected in Minnesota. He has made the following statements on behalf of Officer Noor who was the first Somali public safety officer in his precinct.


Congressman Ellison is the Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and a leader of the progressive movement. He is currently running for Attorney General for the State of Minnesota. Calls have been made for Ellison to be investigated by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office for domestic abuse.

A lawyer, hired by the DNC, recently released a statement that the claims of abuse were unsubstantiated.

According to Ellison’s divorce papers, he suffered abuse at the hands of his ex-wife. He claims that she hit him more times than he could mention, pulled a knife on him, and that he had to sleep with one eye open. Ellison, one of the most powerful men in the world, said that he was humiliated to have to admit that he’d been a victim of physical and emotional abuse and not the perpetrator, as had been alleged.

Ellison’s ex-girlfriend tweeted a medical record alleging abuse, but refuses to show a video corroborating her claims for changing reasons: 1) She can’t find it. 2) She’s maybe naked in it. 3) It’s her pain and it’s for her.

In the following weeks, hate groups have been circulating photos of Keith X selling anti-termitic newspapers on the street.

Despite no corroborating evidence, Keith Ellison now seems to be slipping in the polls in Minnesota.

Who will stand to ensure these men see justice?


Editor’s Note: There has been no corroborating evidence that Keith Ellison is a serial abuser.

Author’s Note: Facts do not matter.


Next up: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez tells a crowd of men not to worry about being accused in Ana Maria Archilla, Brett Kavanaugh and the automatic outgroup derogation of men.

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