Keeping up with #GamerGate

You’ve probably been reading reports in the media about #GamerGate, a growing consumer revolt against corrupt, ideologically biased, anti-video game journalism. Most of the mainstream press has tried various ways of tamping this down, calling those who support the consumer revolt “misogynists,” “violent,” “harassers,” ad nauseum. Sound familiar? It should. They also tried early on, and may try again, to portray GamerGate as “MRAs” although so far, that’s failed to gain any traction because there is too much diversity within the GamerGate movement, including feminists and other critics of MRAs.

Which is as it should be, since GamerGate isn’t an MRA movement, and should include anyone with an interest in those issues, including people who don’t agree with us on other things.

AVfM has, however, featured two excellent reports by Vincent James on the movement, and why Men’s Human Rights Activists should care (hint: the same people attacking GamerGate have been attacking us for years, using exactly the same tactics). You can read those here and here. While we haven’t been able to keep up with every development in this fast-paced and growing consumer movement, today Spiked has featured a very good writeup worth reading.

While GamerGate is not an MRA movement and never will be, as already stated the same people attacking them are the same people who’ve been attacking us for years, with the same lies being told about them are endlessly repeated about us. We encourage Men’s Human Rights Activists with a genuine interest in GamerGate to participate in discussions about it, but we also encourage you not to try to force anyone to accept MRA ideas or reasoning or logic; this isn’t about that, it’s about corrupt ideological thugs in journalism.

We would also like to point out that if you can’t keep up with everything yourself, a great source of (more or less) daily updates is being done on YouTube by Socks, aka NEET LIFE. Here’s her entire, quite fun, video series, starting from the first one a few weeks ago. Well worth rolling through to watch how this whole thing has developed:

We recommending subscribing, her series is not only funny, but it’s probably the best way to watch how the story has unfolded from the eyes of those who actually think there’s a problem here with ideological thuggery and corruption in the video games industry.

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