J4MB confront Dr. Joseph Spitzer of Stamford Hill, London, “Known Genital Mutilator”

spitzer-dr-homeDr. Joseph Spitzer has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.

Mike Buchanan of Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them) recently visited the doctor at his “practice,” who became violent and then speechless when informed that his “practice” of mutilating baby boys was illegal and that Buchanan intends to protest his “practice” in the near future.

Here’s how it went down:

Click here to read Mike’s reporting of the incident and his opinion of Dr. Spitzer.

From the doctor’s website, Cranwich Road Surgery, we see lots of information about the need to immunize children against disease, as well as other treatments and conditions that modern medicine has proven effective against.

But nowhere is there mention of any disease or condition related to ‘infant with foreskin.’

That’s because there is no medical reason to amputate the foreskin, and if you read the NHS literature the doctor has listed, you’ll see that the foreskin is not something diseased or in need of treatment, and therefore isn’t covered by NHS.

But appallingly, as Mike points out, Dr. Spitzer admits he mutilates baby boys only for the sake of the parent’s religious beliefs.

Although he attempts to tack on unfounded and unconvincing medical reasons for circumcision, he details the religious reasons in this paper he wrote for The Initiation Society.

He is wrong even here, as there is a Jewish ritual called Brit Shalom that has the same significance without the blood, mutilation and deadly risk. To say nothing about how no religion or tradition should ever trump the law or anyone’s basic human rights.

After watching the video above and reading this article, where he relishes the idea of genitally mutilating the royal baby, he does sound like an out of control madman. Mentioned is that Princess Diana supposedly discontinued the tradition — to the rumoured anger of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Doctor Spitzer, are you worried about the planned protests? How about this… STOP CIRCUMCISING, so when confronted, you could clear your conscience, do the right thing, and say “I’ve given it up;” many have!

You say your religion – God – requires it – don’t you think your God’s creations are perfect – not faulty? Brit Shalom is a humane, ethical, and LEGAL alternative to what you do – why not change?

Appealing to these circumcisers may be useless, but not to the gatekeepers of these baby’s lives – you, the mothers and fathers. Only you can prevent this mutilation!

You don’t drink alcohol, you eat right, you take prenatal vitamins, you don’t take harmful drugs or painkillers…but soon after your baby is born you cut, crush, and amputate with excruciating pain and trauma part of your baby’s genitals for no medical reason and with no knowledge of its risk and long-term physical and emotional effects ?

If you’re not chilled to the bone yet, here’s a piece I found that is so macabre that I almost doubt it’s for real. Here are some quotes from “My Son at the Cutting Edge:”

The best-selling guide to childcare, Your Baby and Child by Penelope Leach, claims that some babies go into shock during circumcision, and that the procedure leaves some men with a life-long sense of being deformed. She says: “There is no possible good to balance out the probable harm.”

I decided to disregard this advice and go ahead with a circumcision – not just because I’m an unfeeling brute, but because we’re Jewish and that’s what Jews do. And also because – to be honest – I think uncircumcised penises look funny, and I don’t really want my son to look different from me.

The older rabbi was called Rabbi Ashkenasy – it seemed an impertinence to ask his first name. My wife asked whether the baby would suffer any pain. The rabbi dismissed this suggestion contemptuously. He seemed to imply that there was nothing a Jewish boy liked better than to have the end of his penis hacked with a blade.

He said the only problem was that the mothers often became agitated, and this could communicate itself to the child. “I tell you this,” he said, “When I hand him back, he will be completely happy and peaceful.”

The rabbi asked me what name I’d chosen for the baby. I told him we were calling him Nathan, which in Hebrew means “given”. And then the rabbi called for hush and started chanting. As the rabbi recited the prayers, he grasped a clip from among the tools on the card-table and put it over the baby’s foreskin, pulled it forward and, with a yank of his knife, the foreskin came off in one clean movement. The baby cried, blood flowed on to his penis and – as the rabbi had predicted – Graham did not faint. The rabbi then bent over the baby and sucked the wound.

I know this sounds awful, but it is part of the Jewish tradition. It’s supposed to help the healing. He then gave the baby a few drops of kosher wine as a primitive anaesthetic.

The rabbi had lied to us. The baby was not at all happy and peaceful after the operation. He was in a horrible mood and whined intermittently for the next day or so. It was tricky changing his nappy – we used two nappies at a time to ensure that the wound wasn’t disturbed. After a week, we were allowed to bathe the baby and the dressing floated off. His penis looked rather as one might have expected: a bloody mess. Over the next few days, the bruising went down and the penis began to look like a purple acorn.

Do I have any regrets? None at all. Nathan is a happy, lively boy. And his penis? It’s delightful – just like his dad’s.

Since the doctor’s website has NO INFORMATION AT ALL about circumcision and it’s risks, you can read that here at neonatalcutting.org.

Doctor Spitzer’s practice information follows:

tel: 020 8802 2002
Cranwich Road Surgery
62 Cranwich Road
London N16 5JF

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